Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ambush 52 BC Gaul

I have now played my first game of Hail-Ceasar.
The scenario is that an advanced force of julius Ceasars army in Gaul is ambushed when moving in  heavy wooded area in Gaul by a smaller force of Celts.

Roman Army

Roman General

2 Roman Legionary Veteran Cohorts
1 Roman Legionary Cohort

Roman Commander

3 Roman Legionary Cohorts

Celtic Army

Celtic Chieftan

4 Celtic Warbands
1 Celtic Fanatic Warband
1 Skirmishers with bows

The Roman Commander and 3 Roman legionary Cohorts are in the middle of the map and in marsh column.
The Celts are hidden behind the woods.
The Celts have the first turn and as soon the Romans spot them in there turn they can call for reinforcements.

The Celts start to move out from behind the woods and the Romans call for help
Unlucky for the Celtic Cheiftan is that only 2 of his Warbands can move in the first turn
The Roman Commands order 2 of his Cohorts to move to the left side and last on to stay and guard there flank.
The Roman Reinforcements arrive.

One of the Celtic Warband that could move in the first turn charge the Roman rearguard and almost rout them from the field of battle.

The Romans now charge the Celtic Warband on the left side and push i back
The Celtic Skirmishers with bows start to shot on the Roman reinforcements and rolls two 6s and the Romans have to roll a break test but is able to hold ground.

The Celtic Warband that charged the Roman rear guard kills of the last Romans of that Cohort.
The 2 Roman Veteran Cohorts advance up in the middle of the map to stop the advance of the Celts.

The Celtic Warband on the left side on the map is slowly being pushed back by the Romans.

The Celtic Fanatics can now see the approaching Roman Veterans and the charge strait down the middle of the map in a Frenzied Charge ( 3 moves) and leave it support far behind.

The lack of comunication between the diffrent Celtic Warbands is now starting to be a problem for the Celts as all of the Celts in combat have to fight without support and the casualties are mounting.
The Romans now kills of the last Celts on the left side and turn to attack the Skirmishers from two sides
The Fanatics push the 2 Veteran Cohort back by sheer force of will.

The Romans kill the Skirmisher with ease and starts to move all of its Cohort into the middle of the map to finish of the Celtic Fanatis and remaining Warbands.

After have been fighting a loosing battle the last of the Fanatics i killed and the Celtic Cheiftans blow his horn and sounds for retreat.

The Roman General stands in the middle of the field of battle and watch as the Celts run for there lives.

Another great day for Rome.




  1. Thanks for a good and interesting AAR ! Whath did you think of the rules?

    Nice to see that it is possible to use Hail-Caesar rules even though you don´t use the mega size units they are suggesting in the rules, they work any way:)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. Great report and lovely figures! Thanks for sharing. I'm lookg forward to trying Hail Caesar for Dark Ages gaming with Vikings and Saxons

    Paul of the Man Cave