Monday, December 29, 2014

Police Station Upper Floor

Now after the christmas holyday i have started to build on the upper floor of the police station.
The upper floor looks almost as the down floor, but here will there be prison cells and a armoury.

There will be two prison cells.
Hope you like the upper floor soo far....
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Police Station Interior

Hi Again

Back in aug 2013 i posted the pictures of the finished police station, and now i have started to do the interior of the house...

I have started to work on the ground floor.
First painting the floors and walls.
The i have added two walls.
I have made a stairscase.
The funiture is from 4ground.
The ground floor is intended as offices for the lokal police.
I hope you all like my ground floor interior of the police station.
And i hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!!
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

Friday, December 19, 2014

New City Game board Finished.

I have here the pics of the finished game board, hope you all like it.

The white stripes on the road is made from 0.4mm plastic cards.
And now some pics of my city game board with all the houses i got on it...
I will need to get me some more house or terrain to fill the board.
Im pretty happy how the game board turned out, but i need more terrain before i can start to use it.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Traffic Lights

Yesterday a told you that i needed plastic cards for my city game board, and during the time i waited to go to town and get me some, i finish my traffic lights :)

Lucky for me that i found a thick stick of balsa wood laying around, that i could us for the traffic lights.
The traffic light pole is made from wooden flower sticks.
The traffic light looks kind of silly with the  wobbly  eyes.....
The base is made from balsa wood to. 
And with a little bit of paint, i think they turned out fine.
Comments are welcome.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

Monday, December 15, 2014

New City Game Board Part 2

Hi again.

Manage to paint my game board during the weekend and its nice to see it in the right colors.
Will have to get me some thin plastic cards for the stripes on the road and pedestrian crossing lines.

During the wait for the trip to the city to get me some plastic card, i have started to make me some traffic lights.... more on that later...
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New City Game Board

My last city game board was to small only 80cm x 80cm and it had to little space for building on it.
I found a left over MDF board in my garage and i desided to use it for my new city game board.
The new board is 120 cm x 120cm and has alot more space for buildings on it.

Here are a house and some models just for size.
More pics of my game board in a few days.
Best Regards

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

KV-1 Russian Heavy Tank

Hello again

I have been kind of bussy this last few weeks soo i hope you can forgive me for not posting any thing new...

A few week back i painted my Russian KV-1 Heavy tank and here are the pics of it.
The model is from Warlord Games and its a great looking resin model.

After my last great game against my buddy Peters Italians i hope i can use this beast soooon. :)
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Envelopment Russians VS Italians

Three weeks ago me and my buddy Peter played the first bolt action game with new armys.
I played my new  ryssians army and peter played his new italian army.

We rolled for mission and got envelopment
Both players rolled a die and peter rolled the highest so he decided to be the defender and i the attacker.


Russian Army

First Lieutenant                                       inex                     60p
Commisar                                                inex                     15p
Medic                                                      reg                       25p
Light macine gun squad      10 men        reg                       100p
Light macine gun squad      10 men        reg                       100p
Free Rifle squad                  12 men        inex                      Free
Cavalry squad                      10 men        reg                       120p
NKVD squad                       10 men        reg    All Smg      130p
BA-10                                                     reg                         120p
T28+Extra front armour                         reg                         165p
Sniper team                                            reg                          50p
Heavy mortar team    +spotter                 inex                        56p
Medium machine gun team                    reg                          50p
                                                                                            TOT 991p

Italian Army

First Lieutenant + 1 men                              vet                   103p
Medic                                                           vet                     30p
Air Forward Observer                                  vet                    90p
Infantry Section        10 men   smg, lmg      reg                   123p
Infantry Section        10 men   smg, lmg      reg                   123p
IZ Armour car                +1 mmg turret 5p    vet                  101p
M14/41                         +1 AA mmg 15p      vet                   177p
Sniper team                                                    reg                    50p
Medium macine gun team                             reg                    50p
Medium mortar team + spotter                      inex                  45p
Medium artillery team    + spotter                 vet                    100p
                                                                                            TOT 992

Turn 1

During preparatory bombardment one italian inf unit got hit killing one men.
Italian spotter move into a house.
Russian unit arrive in the first wave.
More russians arrive...
The italian M14/41 shoots and hits the russian BA-10 thats fail to recce away.
The BA-10 starts to burn but the crew manage to put out the flames.
The italian medium mortar miss the russian inf unit.
Italian medium artillery shoots at the russian heavy mortar spotter but misses....
Italian inf unit move behind damage building for cover.
More russian inf arrive...

Turn 2

Russian heavy mortar spotter calls in artillery on the italian medium artillery... but misses.
One more shell from the italian medium mortar lands near the russian unit.
The italian IZ armour car move around the forest and shoots down 3 cavalry russians.
Italian medium machine gun shoots at the russian sniper in the wood but misses.
Italian infantry unit move up to support the italians on the hill.
The italian meduim artillery shoots but misses the russian cavalry unit.
All the russian infantry in the center of the table surge forward behind the houses.

Turn 3

The italian M14/41 tank shoots and hits the BA-10 but the BA survives the shoot.
The italian medium artillery shoot once more at the russian cavalry and hits....BOOM all men of the cavalry unit i dead.
The italian IZ armour car moves fast trying to flank the russian heavy mortar team and the russian mmg.
Italian medium mortar gets a lucky hit on the russian free inf unit killing 5 men.
The russian heavy mortar misses again the italian meduim artillery.
The russian infantry moves closer to the italians on the hill.

Turn 4

The russian inf assaults the italians on the small hill killing the italian mmg.
but get assaulted them self by the italian inf unit by the hill, 4 italians are left after the bloody assault on the hill.
The russian smg unit advance and fires at the italians on the hill killing 3 of them, 1 lone italian is left but he refuses to give up.
One more mortar shell lands close to the russian free inf unit.
The russian T-28 lays down fire on the italian units in the wood,  killing 1 inf men and 1 of the sniper team.
The italian inf unit moves away from the wood.
More russian inf unit moves closer to the hill.
The italian medium artillery hits the T-28 in the front scoring one pin marker.
The italian IZ armour car  moves up close to finish of the russian heavy mortar team.
All men are killed.
The russian BA-10 is lucky to rally having to score 4 or below on 2 Dice.

Turn 5

The italian M14/41 try to assault the russian inf unit by the house but fails to kill the inf unit.
The russian free inf unit assault and kills a italian spotter in the house.
After the hit from the medium artillery the T-28 fails it order test.
The IZ moves around the hill and kills the russian mmg team.
The russian smg unit assaults the last italian on the hill killing him.
The Ba-10 sneak up and shoots the M14/41 in the rear stunning the crew.
The italian inf unit lays down fire on the hill killing 3 russians.


The two russian inf units on the hill move of the table giving the russians 6 victory Points.
The IZ now move back to the italian lines and manage to kill on russian in the house.
The BA-10 now moves into the italian set-up zone giving the russians 2 more victory Points.
The italian medium artillery hits the T-28 again.
The T-28 is totaly pinned down.... fails on more order test.
The last men of the italian sniper team shoots and kills on more russian in the house.

End game

Me and my buddy peter had a great time trying out the new armys.
This game was a draw the italians mange to kill 5 russian units giving the italians 10 victory Points.
The russians mange to kill 3 italian units move 2 units off board and move one unit into the italian set-up zone for a total of 11 victory points. 

11-10 draw.

Best Regards
Hobby worker.