Sunday, March 31, 2013

Point Defence 1000p Japanese VS Americans

On sunday me and Peter had a great game of Bolt Action and here are the battle report.
American forces attack a small village on Guadalcanal trying to expel the defending Japanese forces there.

Scenario 3:Point Defence


The attacker must try and capture the Three objectives ,the defender must try to stop him.
To capture an objective there must be a model from one of you infantry or artillery units within 3" of the objective at the end of the turn, and there must be no enemy infantry or artillery models within 3" of it.

Japanese Force

HQ units
Secound lieutenant  + 1 man   (V) 78p
Medic                                      (R)  23p
Air forward observer              (R)  75p
Infantry units
NCO+8 man  smg       (V)   120p
NCO+8 man  smg       (V)   120p
NCO+8 man  smg       (V)   120p
NCO+9 man  smg       (V)   120p
Sniper team          (V)      65p
Medium mortar team     (V)     65p
Mmg team          (V)        65p
Chi-Ha tank          (R)      135p
TOTAL:  999p

American Forces

HQ units
Captain     (R)   110p
Medic        (V) 30p
Air forward observer   (V)   90p
Infantry units
NCO+8 man  bar, smg     (R)   98p
NCO+8 man  bar, smg     (R)   98p
NCO+7 man  2 smg         (R)   86p
NCO+7 man  2 smg         (R)   86p
60mm light mortar team    (R)    35p
2 Mmg teams        (V)       130p
Bazooka team      (R)     60p
Sniper team        (R)   50p
M16 Anti-Aircraft carriage     (R)      125p
TOTAL: 999p


The Preparatory bombardment hits the japanese forces hard almost all of the japanese forces get 2 pin markers but the medium mortar team gets hit.
The table after the bombardment.
The US first wave arrive.


The US mortar team advance on to the hill.
The Japanese medium mortar team shots but misses the US Air forward observer.
The US air forward observer marks the japanese 81mm mortar team for air strike.
The US sniper team moves up on the hill.
Japanese mmg in one of the small houses shots and kill on of the US sniper team.
The Japanese air forward observer call in an air strike on US forces.
More US forces move up on the hill.
The US M16 half track arrive from reserve and shots and kills the japanese sniper team.
Two US units start to move up on the US right flank.
The japanese Chi-Ha tank arrive from reserve and shots and hit the US M16 half track, but the shot does not penetrate the armour.
One japanese inf unit arrive from reserve to help defend the objective on the japanese left flank.


The US air force fail to arrive, but the japanese air force attack and kill 6 US Soldiers in the jungle, even when hit buy 4 shots from the M16 half track.
The japanese Chi-Ha tank shots and kill the US air forward observer behind the US mmg team.
After getting hit last turn by the Chi-Ha the US M16 half track moves over on the US left flank.
The japanese 81mm mortar shots but misses the US sniper team on hill.
The japanese mmg team in the house shots and kill the last man of the US sniper team.
US 60mm light mortar team deploy on the hill.
One US inf squad start to move to the US left flank.
Two US inf squads move closer to the japanese objective on the japanese left flank.
The japanese forces on the left flank are in hidden set up, and has the ambush order.


No air strike arrive this turn for the US player.
One japanese unit  right of the village run to the jungle Close to the hill.
The US mmg on the hill shots but only pins the japanese 81mm mortar team.
The US M16 half track move fast to flank the japanese unit Close to the hill.
One japanese inf unit moves from reserve into one of the houses, but the US 60mm mortar team spots them and fires and this them killing one japs.  BOOM.
The japanese mortar team returns fire on one US unit in the jungle Close to the hill, killing one.
The japanese mmg team one the houses returns fire and kill one US mortar crew.
The Chi-Ha tank shot its light howitzer and kills the rest of the US 60mm mortar team on the hill...BOOM.
The japanese in the jungle in hidden set up, ambush the US unit killing 5 US Soldiers.
The US forces return fire and kills one japs Soldier from the ambushing unit.
The US bazooka team gets ready to ambush the Chi-Ha tank if it comes this way.


Finally the US air force arrive but manage only to kill one japanese from the 81mm mortar team.
M16 half track shots and kills one japanese Soldier.
The US unit fail its order test and is forced to go down.
The japanese unit on the japanese left flank charges the US unit
Bloody hand to hand but the first round is a draw
Next turn of hand to hand the US forces win.
The Chi-Ha tank come out from the jungle and is spoted by the US bazooka team in ambush.
But the Bazooka team fails to hit.
The Chi-Ha shots it main gun but misses the US unit.
The last two US Soldiers in the center of the table run to the village but one gets killd by the mmg in the house.
The Japanese unit on the US left flank run closer to the US unit ready to charge it next  turn.
The US mmg team on the hill shots one japanese in the jungle Close to the hill.
The US unit advance closer to the objective on the left flanks but fails to kill the japanese HQ


The M16 half track advance closer to the japanese Soldiers in the jungle and fire.
killing all of them.
The japanese HQ charges the US unit Close to the objective.
two US Soldiers are dead
But only the HQ survives.
The US bazooka team fire but misses again the Chi-Ha tank.
The last big japanese unit on the left flank charges the last us unit on that side.
All in the last unit is killd.
The US mmg team on the kill run to the objective Close to the village.
The US unit Close to the hill get a hit from the japanese 81mm mortar again 3 men dies. BOOM.
The US mmg team fire and kills 1 jap. near ammo dump.
The US HQ charges the japanese HQ
But he fail to kill the japanese HQ and get killd.
The Chi-Ha shots and kills the last two US Soldiers in the small unit Close to the village.



One more 81mm mortar hit and two more US Soldiers are dead.
The Bazooka team misses again..... no luck this day.
The M16 half track finally come Close to the japanese 81mm mortar team and kills the last man.
The Chi-Ha fire on the M16 but misses.
We desided to end the game there, the US had no forces that could capture the objectives Close by.


Me and Peter had on more great game, but it was hard for Peter US forces to come Close the the Three objectives.
Best Regards
Hobby Worker.