Monday, January 14, 2013

Hold Until Relieved 1k GER vs US

Last weekend me and peter hade a game of Bolt Action again, and the mission was Hold until relieved.
The objective was to defend the bridge in the middle of the table.


German Forces

HQ Second Lieutenant  Vet.      65p
Medic              30p
Waffen-SS   NCO+4 men 3stg44, 1 Faust       85p
Waffen-SS   NCO+4 men 3stg44, 1 Faust       85p
Heer Grenadiers  NCO+9 men  3stg44, 2 smg, 1 faust      126p
Heer Grenadiers  NCO+9men 2smg, 3 faust                      121p
Heer Grenadiers  NCO+9men  2 smg                                 106p
Sniper team            50p
Medium Artillery        75p
Hanomag                89p
Puma                  160p
Total 992p

US Forces

HQ First Lieutenant   Vet.      90p
Medic          30p
Forward Observer   Vet.         90p
Airborne   NCO+11men , smg                      159p
Inf     NCO+8men   Bar, smg                  98p
Inf    NCO+8men     Bar, smg                 98p
Mmg   Vet.                             65p
Bazooka team                     60p
Sniper team   Vet.             65p
M16 Anti-Air                125p
M8 Greyhound        110p
Total  990p

Turn 1.

The US forces was the defender and the Germans was the attacker.
The Germans get reinforcements a Puma and the Hanomag with 2 Waffen-SS units and the Medic and the German  Secound Lieutenant in it.
The US move up a squad from Reserves and take cover behind the rocks
More US Reserves arrive a bazooka team and the Forvard observer, medic, and First Lieutenant.
The M8 Grey hound arrive.
A US Inf Squad arrive to cover the us flank.
A Germans Heer unit try to move across the river but heavy fire from the house kills 4 of them. 
The US M16 half-track shoots att the German medium arillery but the gun shield saves them.

Turn 2.

The M8 Grey hound moves up and attacks the advancing Germans but misses.
The German Medium Artillery returns fire against the M16 half-track.....BOOM it a hit.
The German Heer unit in the river moves into the wood for cover and the german puma try to attack the M8 grey hound, but the M8 escapes with a recce move.
The US Inf on the right flank moves up and detects the hidden german unit in the wood, a fire fight starts.
The US Mmg Starts to shoot at the German unit in the wood and kills 2 of them.
The Germans shoots back at the US inf and kills 2 of them.
The US Bazooka team move into the wood and try to shoot at the german puma but misses.
The German Heer unit moves up beside the Hanomag and shoots back at the bazooka team, killing it.
Two of the Waffen-SS units moves out from the Hanomag and start to shoot at the airborne unit in the house killing 2 of them.
The hidden German sniper on the hill shoots and kills the Airborne NCO in the house.

Turn 3.

one Waffen-SS unit continue to shoot at the house.
The US inf on the left side moves into the wood and attack the Germans killing all but one.
Only the NCO survives but he stands fast.
The US Forward observer have moved into the house ready to call in an air strike upon the Germans but the Waffen-SS moves up and shoot and kills him.
The German Medium artillery shoot agains the house but misses.
The German Puma and the US M8 Grey hound exchange fire but no hit.
The US Mmg shoots at the Germans in the woods and kills 2 of them.

Turn 4.

The Puma moves up and kills the US First lieutenant.
the Waffen-SS continue to shoot at the house pinning some more.
The German Medium artillery hit the house killing the rest of the Airborne inf but the medic saves one off them, but the unit got 10 pin markers so the last Airborne soldier flees.
The M8 Grey hound try to shoot at the puma but a miss.
The lone NCO in the forest shoots and kills 2 of the US inf in the wood.


We desided to stop playing for the Germans had 3 full units near the emty house close to bridge and the US was to far of on the sides to be able to Defend the bridge.
It was a nice game, ut we can see thet if you get a lot of order dice in a row it can realy change the outcome of the game, and the german got alot of order dice.
Hope you all liked the AAR.




  1. This is what i call a GR8 report, looking ffw to see my Russian horde there some day.

  2. Excellent report and photos! Great looking game

  3. Great report and the table looked amazing! I have to agree the order dice is the big game changer that I find very appealing.

  4. That looks like alot fun. And the terrain really looks good!

  5. Very nice AAR !!!

    Terrain looked realy good !

    best regards Michael

  6. We always have a great time playing Bolt Action its a Great game.
    And thx for the nice comments :)

    Best Regards


  7. great blog
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  8. Great looking game mate. Keep them coming