Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sdkfz 251/1 Half Track

When the concept of a fully mobile and tank equipped panzer division was being developed, there was a requirement issued for an armoured infantry carrier capable of accompanying the tanks on the battlefield.
The standard infantry carrier version was the 251/1, which was able to carry up to 12 men in addition to its own crew, it was armed with a single pintle mounted MG34 machine gun and a rear mounted MG34 as an anti-Aircraft machine gun.
The carrier version was adapted to various roles including the addition of Close support weapons such as anti-tank, flamethrowers, anti-Aircraft guns, and even rockets.
Engineering variants was also used.

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  1. Greate paint work !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Very nice. I like pattern you have done on this. I have a load of tanks and 251/1 to paint. I think im going to get a airbrush for them which i will no doubt mess up as ive never done it.

  3. I have tryed to use airbrush first on my 251/1 but i was not happy with the result.
    Thx for the replies :)

  4. Wonderful looking 251! Very very nice work.

  5. Nice 251/1! I realy like your camo-pattern

  6. I have just started up with Bolt Action and this is very inspirational I must say. Good work! I also live in Sweden, in Falkenberg. Were do you live?

  7. Darn, thats a bit to far to just go over for a game then...