Friday, May 17, 2013

Normandy Bocage Part 2

Hi again

The next stepp was to spray paint the base Brown, i used army painter spray.

I let the spray paint dry , then i used  Vallejo´s Wash lavando to wash the base.
Let the Wash dry, then i high lighted the base with Game color´s Tierra Earth model paint.
Got some broken models trees left over so just glue one onto the base.
All you have to do now is glue Woodland Scenics Foliage clusters and Lichen/Moss onto the base.
I used tree different collors of Foliage and two different colors of Moss.
Some pics on my ready Normandy Bocage...
I hope my Little Tutorial can help you make a nice little Bocage table :)
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. I like it. I think I will be using your base method, but using more flock and foliage. But thanks for this.

  2. I am finishing my first round now, I have a second batch on the rise with a style like yours with pink foam.

  3. Good job! They look great!

  4. Looks great, but amazed that you use a spraycan. Isn't paint from a bottle much cheaper?


    1. I had the bottle before... but i think is cheaper to use model paint.

  5. Very nice work !!!

    Best regards Michael

  6. looks great. Curious as to what type of glue you used? I have tried hot glue in the past and it melts the foam, and regular glue doesn't seem to hold the clump foliage very well.

    1. For the moss i use wood glue and for the foliage i use super glue.