Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Game Counters

During the weekend i have made some game counters to my zombie game that will help us during game play.
I used the same clear round 22mm counters for my Casualty markers, but i cant remember the name of the Company.

Here you have the objective markers and as you can see there are 10 of them, but only one has the objective painted on the underside.
Here you have the sound markers, and they are used when people shoot or break door or shout,
sound attracts zombies you now ;)
And here are some useful counters when you have locked doors, broken doors and broken windows.
Hope its can be of use to all you zombie games out there :)
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Has to be EM4 if you're from the UK? :P

    1. I might also add I love them, especially the doors. Kinda cute :D

    2. I remember now... its as you say EM4 counters.

  2. Very cool, Love the Noise counters great idea

  3. They're a great idea, I'll get around to copying them no doubt. The noise counters especially are an excellent idea, though I can't help thinking that whilst the "broken" counters (window especially) may become superfluous in the later stages of an apocalypse campaign they're almost a must for the early stages.

  4. They are very clever. I must give some thought as to how to utilise this concept in my own games. WELL DONE!