Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Punic Wars

Hello again

For a couple of months now i have not painted any miniature or made model terrain for i have been
playing computer games.....
But after i got the computer game: Rome Total War 2   me and my buddy Tim got together and played a game of Hail-Cesar from Warlord games.
After the game me and Tim was keen on playing some more Hail-Cesar and it was then that i got the idea of starting a carthaginian army.

I started by ordering two boxes of Mercenary Armoured Hoplites from Victrix and some miniatures from Crusaider Miniatures.

I have started to build on my old Roman Fort while i wait form my new minis....
I started to build the Roman Fort back in 2011 soo it has been a while....
Hope you like the Fort soo far.

You can open and close the door to the Fort.
As you can see the Tower ontop of the gate is not ready.
And the Fort need some static grass flock to :)
Best Regards
Hobby Worker.



  1. Your fort already looks impressive. Looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

  2. It does look excellent. Shall look forward to seeing the mini's when they arrive.

  3. Looks great! Easy to get caught up in computer games :) Great return.

  4. Wow! I can't wait to see the final result. It should be fantastic

  5. Thx mates im glad you like the Roman fort soo far :)