Friday, September 5, 2014

Russian Cavalry

At the beginning of war against Germany, most of the tanks in the Red Army were obsolete, in addition they were not organized in separate units as in German army, but were rather spread among infantry divisions as a support units. The cavalry were the only mobile troops of the Red Army.
Each squadron of a 100 men in the Red Army Cavalry had a field gun and mortars. The small Steppe horses could move sixty miles in a night, in snow, mud or any other landscape, where tanks and trucks were useless. Mounted troops could travel over the worst terrain and were good at dispersal and concealment. Cavalry was invaluable under conditions of fluid fighting.

The rules for cavalry in the bolt action makes them pretty nasty in close combat.
The cavalry unit can advance 9" and run/charge 18" and in close combat they can roll 3 attack dice per man if mounted on horse back.
If shoot at the unit can make a immedite escape move directly away from the troops shooting at them, in the same way as a recce vehicle.
If the cavalry unit dismount from the horses they fight as infantry for the rest of the game.


The cavalry unit is made from a box of  Perry ACW cavalry and a box of Wargames Factory Russians.



I am pretty happy how my russian cavalry turned out.... :)
I hope you like them to.
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  1. Great conversions Andre. Really nice paint too.

  2. Excellent conversion work. The end result is stunning!

  3. Great conversions- those Perry ACW cav sure are useful!

  4. Excellent, these are a wonderful conversion. Hope to see them in an AAR running down the enemy one day.

  5. Snyggt Andre! Looking real good.

  6. Great looking unit! I've seen lots of banzai troops appearing on bicycles I wonder if this something that will start appearing.