Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Russian 120mm Heavy Mortar Team

One more russian unit ready for battle.....

The Soviet M1938 120-millimeter mortar was an improved version (its base-plate was changed from square to round form,) of the Mortier Brandt de 120 mm mle 1935, which was imported to the USSR before the capitulation of France in 1940. and later produced by the Soviets in large quantities with an estimated 12,000 12 cm mortars being produced by the end of World War II. Its large production allowed the Red Army to make significant use of this mortar by treating it as an artillery piece in World War II in addition to using it as regimental high angle fire support. The Germans captured large quantities of this weapon and adopted it for their own use, eventually leading to the development of their own 12 cm Granatwerfer 42

And now here are the pics.

Later in oktober i hope i will have my first test game against my buddy Peters Italians.
Best Regards
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  1. Excellent looking mortar stand!

  2. Lovely job dude! I do like the colour used for the uniforms.

  3. You've done a great job on this, the dreaded 120mm mortar.

  4. Good to see the hard pressed infantry getting some support, great job Sir.

  5. Nice job. I have to say it again I do love the look of weapon teams on the table. Little mini dioramas all by themselves.