Monday, February 16, 2015

Swat Van

Today i have some pictures of my cool swat van from Knights Models.
The swat van is made from laser cut mdf, the scale for the van is for 35mm models soo its a little on the big side for 28mm.
All the text on the van is pre cut so all you have to do is fill the letters with paint.
A swat van with no swat team is not OK, Soo i have orderd a swat team from Offensive Miniatures to go with it.
More on the swat team later here are the pics.

As you can see.... the van is a little to big.
If the cop´s in my city get into much trouble they can always call in the swat team ;)
All a can say ... dont shoot at the cop´s.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. great model. Couldn't tell it was mdf from the pictures. Nice paint job and a good addition to your collection

  2. That looks brilliant! It is amazing what they can do with MDF these days. Funnily enough, I'm waiting for an order from Offensive Miniatures, but they seem to have got a little back logged, but hopefully they will arrive before too long.

  3. That is fantastic for MDF! Cool model!

  4. Nice model, the law is well represented, and will be well respected ...

  5. Nice paintwork. The model is very bulky and I am planning to maybe scratchbuild a similiar vehicle.The best thing is that there are a lot of nice things that they make in mdf. I am working as a Product-developer professionally and my saying is: more Wood to the people. :) Looking forward seeing your SWAT-team on display.

  6. Great looking model! You just know the cops are going to need backup. It would be a cool ride for your survivors to steal and use to travel the zom-poc highways too.

  7. It looks marvellous! TBH the batman figures are much taller than normal figures scale is 35mm think. Though the containers could be use for any.

  8. Eye catching vehicle, assembled and painted-up nicely. This truck will certainly be a boon to the Zed Liquidation Unit of the city's SWAT Team.

  9. Thanks quite a good vehicle, even if a ittle on the large side.