Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chain of Command

After playing bolt action for more then 3 years i have started to see the flaws in the rules and the guys at warlords are not adressing the problems quickly as i would have done if the game was my own.
So thats why i have started to look for other skirmish games to test.
After reading on several forums and blogs i found out about Chain and Command.
I made a order for the rules from too fat lardies home page one week ago, and now i got the rule book in my hands :)

I hope i can have a small test game during next week.... i hope.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. I keep reading how people prefer this game for its realism. Will be interesting to see what your thoughts are on it once you've played a game of it.

  2. It's not everone's cup of tea, but I prefer it vastly over Bolt Action. Just be prepared for a very different tactical approach.

  3. I have read positive things about this, so interested to see what you make of the rules, best of luck.

  4. Really keen to hear more about these rules!

  5. Well, BA might not be the best game arround but it's fun and fast so exactly my cup of tea. Minor issues like halftracks and LMG's are easily adressed by house rules imho. Personally I don't really like CoC as most other Lardies rules too. Rich has a way to write rules I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what exactly he wants to say.

  6. Our group now plays CoC exclusively for WWII. There are at least 4 videos on Youtube done by the TFL guys that demonstrate how the rules work. They are by far the best thing I've ever seen with regard to understanding a new set of rules!

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  7. god choise i think. I lite the TFL rules but they can some Times' be hard to get right at first.
    Looking forward to here your thoughts after a couple of games.

  8. Having made the switch myself a couple of years ago I hope you will have as much fun with Chain of Command that I have. I do find them far superior to Bolt Action.

  9. Great game and a good simulation too I am sure you will enjoy them.