Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Chain of Command Test Game

Last week me and my buddy Peter got around to have a test game of CoC
The first thing I noticed was the Lmg is every deadly in CoC compared to Bolt Action with it should be...... Shooting a Lmg in Bolt Action feels like shooting a pea shooter.
One more thing I noticed is the turns and phases in CoC make the game not as fast as Bolt Action, but you dont have to rush your men forward to be able to complet the objective in 6-7 turns.

The patrol phase

Placing the jump-off Points
A British section deploys inside the house and puts down fire on the Germans in the field
One German rifleman dies
The British 2" mortar hits the Germans behind the bocage killing one more Soldier.
The Germans try to advance as fast as they can to support the section behind the bocage.
One more 2" mortar Shell lands near the advancing Germans.
Bout me and Peter had a great time and the first game of CoC was a positive experience.
Cant wait to have one more game!
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Nice looking game with a splendid terrain!

  2. Lovely looking game Andre. Really like your explosion marker.

  3. Nice to see you fleshing out the rules with some nice terrain and figures. I have to say it appears CoC is gaining in popularity over Bolt Action - particularly with the seasoned Bolt Action players. A graduation of sorts, I suppose.

  4. It does indeed look good. Any chance of a description of the salient points of "Chain of Command" and what it is about these rules that you enjoyed?

    1. There is an excellent comparitive review of "Bolt Action" and "Chain of Command" on this chap's blog :

    2. Thanks!
      I have all ready read it.

  5. Real nice game! Inspirational pictures.