Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pimp My Game Board

Today when i was packing away all my stuff from my game board, I desided to try to pimp it up a bit!
My old game board lookt like a golf green and thats not OK!
Here are the pics of the golf green :P

And here are the pictures when its pimped up.
All I did was use a wet sponge and some model colors, to apply the areas that i wanted to be pimped up!
 I also want to welcome two new follower to my blog.
Oliver Jaeger and Anibal Invictus!
I hope you both find some useful stuff here on my blog!
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. That is an improvement, isn't it? There's always a problem with games terrain: we want it to be completely flat so that we can stand models on it, but to be realistic as well (i.e. *not* flat). Colour is useful instead of texture for breaking up those large, homogeneous areas...

  2. Great job Sir, might have to try that with mine.

  3. That's really good.
    I'll have to find those golf greens I have down in the cellar...

  4. Great effects. I did the reverse on a basically tan cloth - added some green splotches. Variation is good.