Sunday, November 8, 2015

Palm Trees Part 2

Hi again today I will show you how i finished my palm trees with a little tutorial!

First I sanded down the edges of the mdf bases.
Drilled a hole in the mdf for the palm tree.
Glued the tree to the base and put some Vallejo grey pumice on the base.
Here are the colors I used to paint the palm trees.
First paint castellan green on all the palm tree, then high light it with loren forest green and then some high light of gretchin green.
The base was painted with game color Tierra Earth 062 and washed with Vallejo lavado sepia wash.
Here you can see how the palm trees looks with no paint , paint , and painted with high light.
I put some Oregano spice mix on the base.
And here are the first six ready palm trees!
And here are some extra pictures.... hope you all like them :)
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Looks awesome mate! Very very realistic!

  2. Nice work, I have bought some Palm trees and some bamboo forest for the Early Pacific campaign, it looks a little daunting to paint it all up. You make it look easy, time to start soon.


  3. Excellent! Are you planning to base them all as singles, or will you do some multiple bases as well?

  4. Great job Andre! I bet they smell nice too dude.

  5. You certainly made that look easy and what a great result.

  6. Nice tutorial they are far superior once painted. Lovely job dude.

  7. (Very Nice) x 4! = Super Nice!!

  8. Excellent work and they smell nice too!

  9. Thanks for all the nice replies and yes they smell great :)

  10. Excellent, they really look the part!

  11. They do look very good, but I do wonder how stable they are. Using washers wouldhave save a little time (no drilling) and may have given a little more stability

  12. Thank you for the tutorial! Once I come round to do terrain for my French-Indochina War project it'll come in handy, of that I'm sure.