Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Outbreak Day 1.

For several days now reports have started to pop up about a strange type of flu in bout the radio and the tv news, the symptoms is high fever and coughing and several death have been reported.
Mike Castellano a local criminal desides to head downtown to get some supplies and a gun from the local gun store.

Worried and upset groups of people have started to assemble outside the gun store and the super market.

Brian a local collage quarterback has also arrived downtown and spots a little girl by the comic book store.

Mike Castellano arrives towntown and hurry to the gun store.

Sergant Jeff Davids start crossing the street next to the gun store

But as Jeff crosses the street a lone shambling figure appear
from the alley.

Brian desides to go to the gun store first but as he turns the corner of a house he almost run into a small group of  angry rioters armed with rocks and sticks.

At the same time Jeff move past the small mob of angry people infront of the gun store... but the shambling figure moves closer to the mob.

Mike is now just around the corner of the gun store.

Brian quickly move past the mob of rioters and ignore the figure just behind the rioters.

Jeff opens the door the the gun store and move inside.
"Stop! What do you want!" say the store owner.
"Dont worry I´m not going to robb you, I just want to buy some guns from you" say Jeff
After the store owner calms down Jeff buys a 44. magnum revoler and some extra ammo.

Suddenly the mob is attacked by the shambling figure, he manage to bite one in the shoulder and the blood spurts.

At the same time one more strange figure attacks the small group of rioters, but he misses and the rioters turn around.

"Holy shit he tried to bite me!" Screams one of the rioters!
"Let kick his ass!"
The rioters quickly kills the zombie with rocks and sticks.

The mob turns and attack the zombie and manage to quickly kill it.
" What the hell was that"
"Dont now but he manage to bite me, shit I need a medic!"
As the mob looks down on the now dead zombie Mike arrives at the gun store.
"That is one ugly dude!" Say Mike as he looks down on the dead zombie.

Mike enters the gun store and get a shootgun pointed at him.
" Dont try anything stupid dude!" Say the store owner.
"Calm down dude!, I just need to buy a handgun" Say Mike.
After the store owner calms down Mike buys a 38. revoler from him.

"What the hell happend here!" Say Brian as he arrive at the gun store and spots the dead zombie on the street.
"Dont now man! he came from nowhere and attacked us" Say one man.
"Look at his face he looks really sick"  Say another man in the mob.

At the same time one more shambling figure appears on the street.

Brian enters the gun store, this time the store owner is much calmer...
"And what the hell do you want!" Say the store owner.
"There are some strange shit going around outside, I just need a handgun!" Say Brian.
Brian buys a 9mm Beretta from the store owner.
"Hey you guys! wana earn some quick cash!" Say Brian to Jeff and Mike.
"How kid!" Say Jeff
" I need to go to the supermaket a couple of blocks from here and its better to have two guys cover my back then not! It has started to get really violent outside" Say Brian.
" Sure by me, Im pretty low on cash at the moment!" Say Mike.
"Ok! I tag along kid!" Say Jeff.
Outside the supermarket a group of rioters has not spotted the shambling figure coming strait for them.
Brian lead the way to the supermarket and Jeff and Mike follows.
But some thing is moving in the alley.
At the same time the shambling figure bits one of the rioters in the back.
The shambling figure from the alley follows the group going to the supermarket.
The rioter that got the bite screams and turns around and hit the zombie in the head with his
baseball bat, the hit crushes the head of the zombie and it falls down dead.
The mob see the group come around the corner of the supermarket and think that they are zombies too.
One off them screams! "Its more of them... lets kill them!"
As the mob starts to attack Brian quickly draws his 9mm beretta pistol and shoot the man with the baseball bat. He falls to the ground severely wounded.
The mob starts to throw rocks at the group and hits Brian right in the head (Critical hit)
Brian falls to the ground...
Bout Jeff and Mike get hit by rocks but not as bad as Brian did.
Mike draws his gun and shoots the priest right in the head killing him.
The shambling figure is now very close to the group.
But Jeff hears the hissing sound from the zombie and turns around.
He quickly draws his 44. magnum and shoots the zombies right between the eyes.
The rest of the mob desides to run (Fail Courage roll)
As the group enters the supermarket Jeff say to Mike "I saved your ass... soo you own me one!" 
Brian buys some food from the store owner and then the group head back outside.
As the group start to walk down main street Mike say "Its obviously not safe any more to be outside... lets head to my apartment its not far from here!" 
"Ok lets do that " Say Brian.
" Sure" Say Jeff
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  1. Wow HW that was a fun batrep and lovely buildings too!

  2. Cool stuff! Love how all hell breaks loose so quickly!

  3. Great report and photos! Good timing too, I have a Z game tomorrow.

  4. Exellent AAR ! Love the story and RPG feel of it all, very good !

    best regards Michael

  5. And so it begins and it went into chaos very quickly.
    Great set-up and very entertaining bat-rep.

  6. Excellent start dude! The table and figures look amazing. Let's hope the gang makes it to Mike's apartment in all the chaos.

  7. Dangerous streets, aren't they? Great report with intense moments...

  8. Great start and I love the city that you have created, but Brian was lucky!

  9. Really nice! Will you continue their story?

    1. Next week we will play the next game soo a couple of days later will the batrep be up on the blog

  10. I really like the scenery and your report.The figures are really nicely painted and it gave me a lot of inspiration.The only thing that I can say to improve is that I feel that the streets look to clean.Maybe just use some wash for stains on the pavement?

    1. I will try to make the game board more dirty looking and Im building scatter terrain as soo as I have time

  11. Great start! Things fall apart pretty quickly, can't wait for the next installment!

  12. I like it! What will happen next?!

  13. Thanks for all the nice comments!