Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Walking Dead Walkers

I really love all of the walkers from the core game box  have different poses and dont look all the same.
The are 12 walkers in the core game box and here are some pictures of my first 4 painted walkers!

I have used a mix of army painter necrotic flesh and steel legion drab to paint the walkers skin tone, and on my next bach of walkers I will try to use some different colors to make them look a little bit different.  
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Fantastic! Really nice work on these guys.

  2. those are some good looking walkers HW! Some variations in your next batch sounds like a good idea. I painted my core 12 with the same tone so as I get more I will probably take your advice. Hope to see the next group and see the varieties in a group shot. Have you had the chance to look through the rules or play yet? Looking at your blog you have a much longer zombie apocalypse history than I do and I'd be interested to hear how you like them.

  3. Nice job on the walkers......just found your blog so will follow from now Matt

  4. Nice work dude. My resolve is crumbling massively with every post I see with these lovely figures in.

  5. I like the paintjob on these zombies.Inspirational pictures to.Keep posting please. :)

  6. I'm very glad you're back. Took a hiatus as well, those are quite nice; maybe nicer than the new warlord/wargames factory project Z minis. It could be your painting though, making them look better.

    I am jealous you got the the Walking Dead sets. I only learned about them from you and am not kickstarter smart.