Monday, April 24, 2017

TWD: All Out War Test Game!

A few weeks back me and two friends played a game of TWD: all out war and we had a great time!
And here are some pictures of it!

During the last turn of the game Rick run past Shane, drawing a Walker after him but the Walker bumped into Shane. Rick then shoot Shane in the back and the Walker did the rest in close combat phase killing Shane!

A car alarm started!
Rick fights two walkers!
Shanes in trouble!
Rick run past Shane!
The Walker follows Rick but Shane is in the way!
Shane dies from a walker bite drops his two objective markers!
And team Rick win the game!
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Great report and what an ending!

  2. Fantastic looking game!All hail Rick!

  3. Great stuff! It is a really fun game!

  4. Nice report. I am going to have to pick up this game!

  5. I just picked this up at Salute! Look forward to giving it a go. Great looking game HW and nice report

  6. Looks a very 'clean; games with simple rules, but a lot of fun too.

  7. Hello. I follow your blog from longtime. You have some great ideas and a good painting ! I love also the TWD movies and of course these minias. Well done, great report and great paiting job. All the best. carlo from Italy

  8. Congrats to RIck...and to you, great report and great looking game!

  9. A fun and great looking little game. The miniatures and terrain are above top notch.

    Whatever you're using for a mat captivates me. It doesn't look printed, what is it???, so much nicer than most of the giant mouse pad type mats.

  10. Congrats to RIck...and to you, great report and great looking game!
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