Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cult Leader / Maniac

For a couple of weeks now I have put all of my hobby time into building me some Star Wars Legion terrain before the game comes out, but the game is not going to come out before 2018 Q1 so I dont have to hurry.
So I desided to paint up some more of my Mansion of Madness miniatures!

Here are som pics of my painted Cult Leader and Maniac!

Best Regards

Hobby worker.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! I refited all the minis to bases from sally4th!

  2. Good looking minis and I do like the colour-scheme of your Cultist, very different from the usual sngle coloured robed figures one normally sees.

  3. Great scenary and fantastic figures, love the cult leader, he seems to be persuasive!

  4. Looking great! I really like the clear bases. Regarding the monsters: can you change their bases, too, or are they ugly bacause of a reason?
    (I'm tempted to buy the game, but have yet to decide)

  5. Yes! I have change the bases on all my monsters to!
    The old bases are so ugly!

  6. Excellent. I didn't know if the bases had some sort of function. They really put me off the whole game :-)

  7. That cult leader is nicely done; I like him :-) . The other figure is also well painted, but has a bit too much blood on his shirt for my taste.