Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Greedo / Gideon Argus

In the last few weeks I have been painting many of my Imperial Assault miniatures.
I am planing to use them with my Star Wars Edge of Empire rpg from Fantasy Flight Games!
First up is The Rodian Greedo and The Human Gideon Argus!
I have been following Sorastros painting guide on Youtube for the color scheme!

Looking forward to some comments ;)

Best Regards

Hobby worker.


  1. Wonderful colors on Greedo, and I love the pose and the beard of Gideon Argus...Excellent!

  2. What a beautiful pair of figures and what stunning paint-jobs! Although this 'period' laves mecold who can'tlike these two ?

  3. I love both of these, really impressive work!

  4. Great figures and great character painting, HW.

  5. Great brushwork. Wonderful color combo.

  6. Those both look really nice. Congratulations!

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