Sunday, July 3, 2011

Battle for Pine Hill 1862

Me and a couple of friends played a fun game of ACW a couple days ago.
I played on the Confederate side and we used Black powder rules.
The objective for the Union was to defend a couple of small hills in the middle of the map
and for the Confederate side was to capture the hill as fast as possible before the Union could get reinforcements.
The Confederate was first to start.

The Union has two cavalry units and one dismounted cavalry unit and one infantery unit to defend the hill until they can get reinforcements in turn 2.
The Confederates are moving towards the hills.

The Union forces on the hill and the Confederate forces moving forward exchange gunfire.

Just in time the Union reinforcements arrive and joins the battle.

The Confederate infantery have made it to the bottom of the small hill where the dismounted cavalry is defending.

Heavy gunfire hits the dismounted cav on the small hill.
To save the situation the Union General send one of his cavalry units to charge strait into the Confederate line.

But after bloody hand to hand combat the Union cavalry retreat from the battle.
The Union Commander try to assemble his forces.

The badly wounded dismounted cav on the small hill retreat behind the hill.
And the Confederate forces are advancing in a broad battle line.

The Confederate forces on the right flank charges the union forces on the large hill and drives one regiment away.

Hand to hand combat starts on the small hill as well.

The Union forces counter charge the Confederates on the large hill and defeats them.

The Union General sends his last reserves to attack the Confederates on the small hill but loses the fight and is forced to retreat from the field of battle.

The Union General is forced to retreat after suffering to many loses and the Confederats have won the day, but they to are badly hurt.




  1. Great looking game and batrep!

  2. Thanks for a nice AAR, how dig table did you use?

    I think you got very impresive armys, wounderful to see on the gaming table. But I think the Union could have managed without the unpainted minis, I realy hope they got decreased stats for being untrained and unfit for duty;)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Lovely photos and very nice report.

  4. The game table is 180x250 cm

    thx for the nice replies