Friday, July 15, 2011

Wooden Fence


I have made a couple of fences for my American Civil War game table.
And here are a small tutorial how you can make them your self.

What you need

Sharp knife
Wood glue
Static grass flock
Balsa wood 2.5mm thick
Army painter white spray

First you need to take a pen and mesure 20x2cm it will be the base of the fence, then you cutt it out
Next you cutt out a small balsa wood piece 6cm long and 4mm wide , then you cutt it in 3 pieces 2cm long.
Then you take youre woodenfile and make the edges of your 20x2cm piece smooth.

Next you glue the 3 small balsa wood pieces to the base of the fence see the pic.
Then you cover the base with wooden glue and add the static grass flock.

Now you cut out many 3mm thich and 20cm long sticks from the balsa wood

Save two of the sticks and the you cut 2cm long smaler sticks from the rest

Now all you have to do is glue the small sticks to the two longer sticks

When you are done you spray the fence white and wait until the fence dry
then all you have to do is to glue the fence to base you already made and you are done :)

Hope you all like my small tutorial on how to make a nice looking town fence









  1. Very useful tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Pretty good post, i would say wood fence are good and also affordable as it is cheaper than the steel or vinyl fencing

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