Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Demolition 1k Germans vs Americans

Hi again

I have here for you one more AAR from my last game of Bolt Action.
The objectives was to capture General patton, or FieldMarshal Gerd von Rundstedt.
And we used Air Forward observer for the first time and **** they are nasty as you will se in the Battle report.

German Forces

2nd lieutenant veteran   65p
1.Squad NCO+9men 1smg, 5stg44, 2panzerfausts  Veteran 168p
2.Squad NCO+7men 2smg, 2 panzerfausts  Veteran 120p
3.Squad NCO+7men 2Lmg, 1 panzerfaust  Veteran  149p
4.NCO+5men   Veteran   78p
Stug III G   230p
Sniper team Veteran   65p
Medium mortar team   50p
Air Forward Observer  75p

US Forces

2nd lieutenant +1men  60p
1.Squad NCO+8men 1 Bar, 1 smg  98p
2.Squad NCO+8men 1 Bar, 1 smg  98p
Bazooka team  60p
Light Mortar team  35p
Medic  30p
Sniper team  50p
Airborne 1.Squad Veteran NCO+5men 1 smg  81p
Airborne 2.Squad Veteran NCO+5men 1 smg  81p
Light mortar team   35p
Sherman 76mm   235p
Mmg team veteran  65p
Air Forward Observer  75p



A German squad runs to the stone wall in the middle of the battle field.

The US airborne shoots at the German squad behind the wall, hit and its a pin
The mmg team shots at the German sniper on the hill but misses.
The German sniper team shoots back at the mmg team and its a hit, and the mmg team is killed.
A German unit runs into the house in the middle of the table.


The US air forward observer calls in an air strike on the German unit behind the wall....BOOM
The unit is wipedout.
The German unit in the house see´s the Forward observer on the small hill and start to shoot at him, he is shoot down by the Germans.
The German unit on the flank advances to the stone wall and start to shoot at the airborne unit in the wood, its a pin.
The US resevers arrive, the sherman 76mm starts to shoot at the Germans behind the wall and kills 1.
The German reserves arrive, The German air forward observer spots the sherman and makes a call to the German high Command.
More American reserves arrive.
A German Stug III G arrives and start to shoot at the Americans , one man is dead.
The Germans behind the wall and the Airbornes in the wood exhange fire.


The US sniper team fires at the German snipers on the hill but misses.
the German snipers fires back and kills the US sniper team.
The bazooka team try to flank the German Stug III G on the hill.
A German medium mortar team fires at the Airbornes in the wood but misses.
The US unit fire at the German  sniper on the hill but is only a pin.
The Stug III G fires at the US unit behind the hedge and kills the NCO+3 men , but the US medic saves one.
The last German unit arrives it starts to run strait for the US objective.
The Sherman advance and fires at the German unit behind the stone wall
The German Air forward observer mark the sherman as the target for the air strike.


In a stroke of good luck a German stuka dive bomber arrives and destroys the sherman...BOOM
The German unit in the house runs out and strait forward the US objective. its General Patton.
The US forces behind the hedge starts to shoot at the running German unit.


The US forces behind the hedge shoots but misses the German sniper team again.
The German Stug III G shoots back and kills 3 men but the US medic saves 2.
The German unit the came from the house runs over the hill and strait for Patton.
The Us airbornes left in the wood trys to pin the germans down.
One more German unit advances strait for Patton and kills the 2 last Airbornes in the small wood.
The US HQ team shoots at the German unit and pins it.
A US Light mortar team shoots at the Germans, hope to pin them down but misses.


The German unit from the house is pinned down by US fire, but one German unit reaches Patton
The Americans try to kill of the Germans unit close to Patton but fail.


As you can see the Germans took the objective but it still was a realy fun game to play.
as i said before beware of air forward observers....BOOM the you are dead.
Hope you like the Battle report.




  1. Excellent report! Lovely photos too.I hope to have a Bolt Action game soon.

  2. Great AAR thanks for sharing. I see you newly build house made it onto the table.

  3. Great report, looks like it was very close there until the German's made a break for Patton there at the end.

    I have been reading about air and artillery and it seems to be a hit and miss thing for the most part. It sounds like when it works it wrecks units or otherwise has no major impact on the game.

  4. Very nice AAR !

    I have the rules but havent tested them yet, probably have to soon...

    Best regards Michael

  5. Great report!

    BTW you also was given the Liebster Award from me. Check my blog for Strange Aeons adventures for info on it.


  6. Thx for all the nice replies
    And thx styx for giving me the Liebster Award :) you are to kind.



  7. God morning

    I awarded you the "Liebster Prize" :)


    Chainletter warning but fun anyway at least for now;)

    Best regards Michael

  8. Thx Michael for for giving me the Liebster Award :)

  9. Hi
    I just wanted to inform you that I nominated your blog for the Leibster blog award.
    Your challenge, should you accept it, is to award five other blogs for the same.

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  11. Hey Hobby Worker Ive seemed to have trouble posting on your blog. Id just like to know where you got all of your trees from as well as your other terrain.

    thanks, Floyd