Monday, November 5, 2012

First Bolt Action AAR Germans vs Americans


Here i have for you a Battle report from this weekends first bolt action game i played.


German Force

First lieutenant+1man        85
Squad1. NCO+8man smg, 2 stg44, 2 Lmg    143
Squad2. NCO+8man smg, stg44, 2 Lmg            138
Squad3. NCO+7man smg, 2 panzerfausts           93
Squad4. NCO+6man 2 stg44, panzerfaust , smg       88
Stug III      230
Sniper team    50
Medium Mortar   50
Medic    30
Total 907

American Force

First lieutenant    90 Vet
Squad1. NCO+8man smg, Bar   125  Vet
Squad2. NCO+8man smg, Bar   125  Vet
Squad3. NCO+5man smg     81   Vet
Sniper team  65   Vet
Bazooka team 78  Vet
Medic+1man  43  Vet
Mmg team  65  Vet
Sherman 76mm  235
Total 907

Turn 1.

German  side
American side
The Americans Run into the field and is almost hit by german mortar fire.
A German Squad runs to the wall.
One more German unit run for cover.
More German unit runs to the wall.
The American bazooka team hides behind the hedge in hope that the german stug will come.
American unit advance into the woods.
The Stug III move behind the wood for cover from the sherman 76mm

Turn 2

The German Sniper team can see a American sniper team on the hill and shots...its a hit
The American sniper team is no more.
The American sherman 76mm and the Mmg team fire att the german squad running past the wood but misses.
After have survived the fire from the sherman and the Mmg team the German squad starts to fire on the Americans on the hill... but no kill only a pin.
The Americans fire back and gets a dubble 6s no more Lmg team.
Americans advance to the wall.
German Squad fire at the Americans behind the wall and kills 2 of them

Turn 3.

The americans on the hill on the left flank shots and kills 4 germans, and more germans come running to help the badly wounded unit.
The American Bazooka team has moved behind the hedge but is detected by the german Stug III
the Stug III fire it Mmg at the bazooka team and kills it.
The Sherman 76mm has moved along side the hedge ready to open fire..

Turn 4.

The sherman spot a German squad behind  the house and kills 2 of them.
After the sherman has shot is 76mm gun at  the german unit behind the house the stug III desides to move up on the small hill and fire at the sherman 76mm....but its a miss
A German unit armed with a panzerfaust moves into the field ready to shot the sherman in the side.

Turn 5.

Lucky for the American commander he gets to shot first.... and the stug III goes up in flames. BOOM
The German squad in the field sneaks up on the sherman and fire is only panzerfaust.....BOOM. it a hit. and the sherman is knocked out.
After hearing the explosion from the sherman the American squad moves up onto the hill and fire at the german squad... all are killed.

Turn 6.

a American squad behind the house fires and kills the german sniper team.
The last German on the feft flank is killed and the American squad is starting to advance.
A German squad advance into the field, trying to outflank the Americans 

Turn 7.

The German advance and fire at the American Mmg team behind the hedge and kills one man.
The Americans try one last time to kill the German command team but misses.

End game.

It was a even game from to start to the finish.
The Americans have lost 4 units but the Germans have lost 5, so its a small victory to the Americans.
I have to say that Bolt Action is the best Miniatures game i have ever played its fast fun and you dont need a loot of miniatures to start playing and that great.
Hope you liked this battle report.








  1. great stuff. I have some US and German Paras that i want to use for Bolt Action. I have been using it for VBCW just and have enjoyed the rules.

  2. Excellent report! Two of my mates have the rules so hopefully I will get a game soon.