Monday, March 11, 2013

Envelopment 930 p Japanese VS Americans


Me and Peter hade a game of Bolt Action yesterday and the mission was Envelopment.
we rolled the dice and i rolled best so i desided to be the attacker with my Japanese force.


The attacker must try to move as many of his units as he can into the defender´s set-up zone or off the opposing side´s table edge.
The defender must try to stop him.

Japanese Force


American force


Turn 1

The Japanese sniper team moves in from off table as part of first wave,but the US forward observer spots him and call in an air strike.
Tree Japanese inf squads and a Chi-Ha tank moves in from off table as part of first wave.
The US forces are in hidden set-up and can not be detected unless they fire, move, or there are japanese forces within 12 inc of them.
With not tank on the US side, the light mortar team try to hit the Chi-Ha tank on its top armor but misses.
it looks like all Japanese forces are attacking the US left flank so the US forces on the right flanks start to move to the left flank to support the forces there.

Turn 2

The air strike against the japanese sniper team fails to arrive.
The Chi-Ha tank moves up and shots at the US M16 anti-aircraft half track but misses,
The Chi-Ha´s hull mg fire´s at the US forces in the wood but misses.
The US M16 half track fires back at the Chi-Ha tank with it´s 50 cal hmg´s
and manage to penetrate the Chi-Ha´s side armor... the crew is stunned.
The US forces on the left flank shots and kills one japaneses soldier.
The large Japanese unit runs up behind the damage Chi-Ha tank.
One more Japanese unit run´s closer to the US forces on the left flank.
The US deploy there forces ready to fire at the advancing Japanese forces.
The US forward observer call an air strike against the japanese Chi-Ha tank. 
The US light mortar in the jungle fire at the advancing japanese forces but misses.
The US sniper team and the US medic arrive from reserve.
More Japanese units advance closer to the US position.

Turn 3.

The US air strike arrive just in time to save the US forces.....BOOM... it´s a hit, the Chi-Ha tank goes up in flames.
a  Japaneses unit Charge the US line three japanese are killd in defensive fire..but the japanese kills the US 7 man unit in hand to hand.
With no Chi-Ha tank left flank the US M16 half track moves closer to the Japanese units on th left flank and  start to shot... one japanese is killd.
One more charge this time the US mmg is attacked.
The US mmg kills two Japanese soldiers  before the japanese kills the mmg in close combat.
It is starting to look bad for the US forces on the left flank.
one more US unit arrive from reserve and shots and kills two japanese soldiers.
But the Japanese medic saves one of them.
A US light mortar on the right flanks shot but misses the japanese sniper team.
The large Japanese unit advance and starts to shot at the last US inf unit on the left flank
killing two of them.
The japanese forward observer calls in an air strike against a US inf squad.
US light mortar shots but misses the large japanese unit.
one more japanese inf unit arrive from reserve in the back.
The japanese sniper team shots and kills the US light mortar team on the right flank.

Turn 4.

The Japanese air strike fails to arrive.
The US M16 half track moves up close to the japanese and kills one of them.
The large japanese unit charges the US line and kills the unit in hand to hand.
4 japanese left from one unit charges the US sniper team and kills them.
the US unit from reserve advance and shot at the small 4 man japanese unit killing three of them.
But the last japanese soldier refuse to surrender.
The US second lieutenant draws his pistol and try to kill the lone japanese soldier,  hits him but fail to kill him.
The last two japanese men in one unit charges the US light mortar team in the jungle.
The two japanese soldiers are the only one´s left after close combat.

Turn 5.

The US unit from the right flank advance and shots at the last two japanese soldiers responsible for the death of the US light morter team.
hitting one but the japanese medic saves his life.
The US unit from reserve finaly kills the two japanese in the jungle.
The US M16 half track moves up and kills the japanese HQ unit.
A japanese unit from reserve sneaks and charges the US M16 half track and manage to throw a couple of granades on it.....BOOM....

Turn 6.

The large japanese unit exit the game table giving me 3 victory points.
The lone japanese soldier charges the US HQ and kills him. 
The US unit moves to block the way for the japanese unit that destroyed the US M16 half track
and kills the lone japanese soldier before i can exit the table.

Turn 7.

I get the important first dice this turn and orders the japanese unit that destroyed the M16 half track to run of the game table giving me 3 more victory points.
The US moves up and try to kill the japanese mmg but only killing one of them

End game.

After the battle we started to count the victory points and Peter got 10 victory points for killing 5 of my units.
I got 14 victory points 8 for killing 8 of Peter units and 6 for moving 2 units off table...
14/10 and Victory to me, but it was still a close call...if peter would have gotten the first dice the last turn, he could have charge my japanese unit that killed the M16 and stopping me from running off table, robbing me of 3 important victory points and making the game a Draw.
Me and Peter hade a great time playing this game and i hope we will play a game soon.
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  1. Very nice AAR !!!

    Looking good, might have to get around trying the rules out even due my worry about the command dice and all the gemstone markers.

    Looking forward to more AAR´s

    best regards Michael

  2. Great AAR and minis. I also have built a Japanese force for bolt action and really like playing them. They struggle against heavy armor but do well against infantry.

    Nice blog

    1. Thx jmilesr im glad you like my blog :)

  3. Fantastic report and lovely photos. I have only had one game of BA so far but it was very enjoyable!

  4. Replies
    1. Thx m8..sorry you misst the fight maybe next time ;)

  5. An honorable win honor your family and country!

    What happened to the air strike? I saw on 4 it didn't show, didn't see the results!

    1. The air strike faild to show and the unit moved from the spot the forward observer gave..not sure its right?

  6. Artillery: you place a marker, that is where the strike hits.

    Air: Follows the target unit, until you move it or the strike appears. That is why Air Strikes to me are nastier than Artillery as you can't run away from the strike zone.

  7. Great AAR. Reads as you had lots of tun.

  8. Excellent battle report, love the figures and the smear stand where the casualties occur