Friday, March 1, 2013

Japanese Jungle Fighters

Im finally done with my first unit of Jungle Fighter and here are some pics of them.
The models are from warlord games and i think the models are one of the best japanese models out there.
Cant wait take them into battle..... Banzai!!!!!

I really love the leaf camo one them


I have tried to make the bases look like the unit is in the jungle.



I hope i can finish the rest of my Japanese force to the big game day, Sunday 10/3
Best Regards



  1. Looking realy good !!!

    Like the bases to especially the palm leafs

    Best regards Michael

  2. Stunning work! The figures look great and the basing is fantastic!

  3. A+ job there! The basing is great, the palm leafs and such are great, how did you do that? I also agree, if you can paint those camo leaf stuff on the helmets they do look pretty damm cool.

    1. Thx... im glad you all like them.
      The palm leafs are cut from model palm trees.
      The plastic palm trees are from jr miniatures.