Monday, September 2, 2013

Plastic Japanese Box


Before the weekend i got my box of plastic japanese from warlord games.
The box have 30 muli-pose hard plastic japanese miniatures in it and the models looks great!!
There are a lot of options for you japanese force in the box... and the first models i will make is the  suicide anti-tank teams, and you can have three of them as 1 selection in each reinforced platoon.
And with a anti-tank penetration value of +8 you dont want them to come close to your tank..BOOM.

As you can see you also get flags in the box.
I have alos just downloaded around 70 pics of the Zombie Apocalypse test game me and peter played during last week, soo by the end of this week you will have zombie battlerep.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. The Japanese looks amazing, I keep thinking about them but I need the French done I have been eyeing the Italians for the desert and Marines for the Pacific.

  2. Sweet, Look forward to seeing these built and painted

  3. Cool, i'm planning to get these myself soon too. Thanks for sharing :)


  4. I was doing well - not thinking of getting these but i think i'm going to fail and get a box to add to my collection of un-painted matal japs from Warlord. Planning to paint them before christmas (not sure which christmas though!!).

  5. So now we have a Japanese encounter and a Zombie aar to look forward to - can't wait !

  6. Look forward to seeing how you paint these up.