Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Test Game

This will be the first test battlerep for my zombie apocalypse game.
The objective for the survivors is to find supplies in a small town full of zombies and try to get out alive...

Rick and Max arrive in the town by the Construction yard

Rick spots a group of 5 zombies by the police station and starts to shoot at them hitting on in the chest throwing him to the ground with is semi-automatic rifle.
Max runs up to the zombies killing one with his knife.
Rick shoots and hits one more zombie in the chest sending him to the ground too.
Max kills to more zombies with his knife.
All the gun fire draws more zombies to the area.
Alot more.....
Max runs up to the zombie that Rick shoot in the chest and stabbs him with his knife.
Rick jumps on top of the zombie on the ground and smashes the zombies head with his hammer.
More zombies moves up behind the police station.
During the fight a zombies manage to take a bite out of Max.... he is now lighty wounded.
The zombies come closer but Rick is "distracted" by a "Random Event Roll" and is just standing there doing nothing...
The zombies are coming closer and closer but Max and Rick have trouble killing  the two zombies behind the police station.
Finaly Max kills on of the zombies behind the police station and bout Max And Rick runs past the last zombie...
Max is fatigued and cant run soo Rick lays down cover fire on the approaching zombie hoard.
The zombies are shambe closer
It look like bout Max and Rick is going to make it...
Rick runs ahead of Max and try to open the door to the police station.
The door opens and two zombies die by cover fire...
But then a "random even roll" and the zombies get "Spurred on" and they move a extra D6" and Max is swarmed by zombies tearing at his flesh.
Max is overwhelmed by the zombie hoard and dies screaming.......
Rick can do nothing but save his own ass and runs inside the police station.
Inside the police station Rick search the ground floor and finds 3 flares.
A blocks from the police station one more from Max and Ricks group arrive after hearing all the gunfire and screams.
After searching the ground floor for supplies Rick move up to the next floor.... Crap... 4 zombies are on the next floor waiting for him.
Out side of the police sation after a few minutes later Max turns into a zombie and rises....
Inside the police station Rick try to defend him self as best he can with his hammer...
Dave moves to the corner of the house and is spoted by the two zombie Groups.... Crap.
Lucky for dave this day as he got his pump shotgun with him, and now he just slaughter 4 zombies in a few seconds.... Boom...Boom..Boom...Boom..
 Inside the police station Rick have managed to kill two zombies without getting hurt...
The two zombie unit merge and more closer fast...
The constant gunfire has drawn one more zombie group to the area just behind Dave...
Shit.. more zombies.... Dave runs to the car by the gas station but fails his stamina roll and he is now  fatigued.
All drench in zombie blood Rick is still alive.... and the 4 zombies are dead.
I better go....
Dave start so move away as fast as he can followed by a 11 zombies
The zombies follow dave behind the police station
All the gunfire from Dave attracts one more zombie unit to the area.
During this time Rick have search the upper floor for supplies, but found notting.
And he now runs across the street trying not to draw attention to him self.
Dave move as fast as possible but the zombies follow him closely.
Rick comes to the back side of the gun store and opens the back door.
The zombies follow dave....
Rick searches the gun store but its empty... no supplies here.
Being soo tired as dave is, he desides to make a final stand and attacks the first zombie groups with his katana.
Rick runs out of the gun store to find supplies else were but fails his stamina roll and gets fatigued.
In a few seconds Dave have cut down all the zombies in the first group.
Dave spots  one more group of zombies coming around the corner of the police station and he charges them.....
With fury he cuts them all down with his katana, blood is everywere.
Rick finds a door open to a small house, he goes in and searth for supplies but with no luck.... no supplies here.
Dave move upp to the cement truck and opens the door climbs in and searches the crew compartment, lucky for him and Rick he finds a box of canned meat.
Bout Dave and Rick sneaks out of town now knowing that they will not go hungry for a few days
I hope you all like the first test of my own zombie apocalypes miniatures game.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Yes.... i have made the rules.
    But i have been inspired by many outer systems :)

  2. Did you run the game as a solo game or with a group, would like to see some more reports

    1. I played the game with my mate Peter, and yes you will get more report... :)

  3. Good aar and sounds like it was a lot of fun on a good looking layout.

    1. Thx Zabadak
      We had a great time playing and the best part is that you dont now how it will end.
      Will you live or die....

  4. Greate AAR! Stunning pictures!

    Greate addition with the road signs and the vehicles, especialy the big trucks!

    Best regards Michael

  5. Nice start. I love the board and your photography. It sure doesn't pay to shoot Zeds in your rules, the amount the noise creates! Yep I'm for a machette and a bowie knife in Hobby Worker land, tough luck with the supplies. Can't wait to hear how the duo get on.

  6. Great report! As everyone else, I really like the board :D

  7. Thx Mathyoo!! i will make more game boards boards later...

  8. Simply amazing! Your table is just amazing. The game looks like Lots of fun.

  9. Your report has made go and spend money on some stuff for a Zombie game haha.

  10. Great stuff, and the board looks great

  11. Thx mates... im happy that you all like the zombies test game :)

    Best Regards