Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Traffic Lights

Yesterday a told you that i needed plastic cards for my city game board, and during the time i waited to go to town and get me some, i finish my traffic lights :)

Lucky for me that i found a thick stick of balsa wood laying around, that i could us for the traffic lights.
The traffic light pole is made from wooden flower sticks.
The traffic light looks kind of silly with the  wobbly  eyes.....
The base is made from balsa wood to. 
And with a little bit of paint, i think they turned out fine.
Comments are welcome.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. What a great idea, the wobbly eyes were inspired.

  2. They look great , well worth the effort and the wobbly eyes - well truly insprired as Micheal says.

  3. Great job dude! I can see this idea being stolen.

  4. They look great & A fab idea. I do feel that there is potential in having the wobbly eyes being left unpainted for a very quirky look !!!!!

  5. Look great! I like including traffic lights whenever I can, they really are so common, they should be on every city board!

    The wobbly eyes were a stroke of genius!