Tuesday, December 9, 2014

KV-1 Russian Heavy Tank

Hello again

I have been kind of bussy this last few weeks soo i hope you can forgive me for not posting any thing new...

A few week back i painted my Russian KV-1 Heavy tank and here are the pics of it.
The model is from Warlord Games and its a great looking resin model.

After my last great game against my buddy Peters Italians i hope i can use this beast soooon. :)
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Another great addition to your Russians; I really like the KV series of tanks even if they were a bit strange.

    1. You are soo right but they got a alot of armour for 1941 80mm :)

  2. It seems that we are all finding it busy at the moment, but this was certainly worth waiting for - great job Sir.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob... my next post will be more to you taste ;)

  4. Nice looking KV comrade, may it roll of the fascists in a highly satisfying manner!

  5. Excellent paintjob on this beast! I'm sure he'll give your buddies Italians some serious headaches.

  6. First class painter, that is what you are !!!