Friday, August 1, 2014

Big Order: Russians

I have made a big order for a new army to bolt action, i already got Germans and Japanese armys so its time for one more :)
I have orderd the rule book and two boxes of infantry from Wargames Factory a total of 62 infantry model.
one T-34/76 and one MMG team and a Heavy mortar team.
I think this will be a nice start to my russian army and i will get some more stuff later....

I have assembled 12 rifle infantry men and painted the in the base uniform colors.
The man with the flag is a conversion from bits from my plastic Japanese box.
I will use this squad as my free 12 men infantry unit the russians gets.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Good start! This will be a very nice force!

  2. Looking good and should start you off well. My WGF Germans keep shouting insults at me every time I go in my hobby drawer unit!

  3. 62 infantry, wow! Paint on dude.

  4. Another great choice for the army! I love the guy with a flag - got to have one of those!