Friday, August 22, 2014

Russian Reinforcements

Just got this stuff in the mail today :)
My Russians now have more tanks to play with... but i orderd a KV-1 tank from warlord games but i got the turret from the KV-2 tank :(
I just sent them a mail to send me the KV-1 turret... hope i get it.

I have ordered a KV-1 tank and a BA-10 scout car from warlord games
And a T-28 from Wargames Command post.
The T-28 tank is longer... but the KV tanks is much broader and higher then the rest
Cant wait to get this tanks painted and ready for a fight....
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. I hope they get it sorted for you. I hear Warlord have great customer service.

  2. As stupid as Warlord Games seem to be at times, especially when it's about packing the right parts into the right boxes, they're usually quite uncomplicated with sending replacements. Well... when you get them to read and answer your e-mail...

  3. They do look splendid, but I hope that they sort out the turret issue for you soon.

  4. Those look great, especially the beast itself. I prefer KV2 by the looks myself, there's something about this huge turret I like :D. I'm sure you'll get it replaced.

  5. The KV is a monster ! (as it should be)

    Good luck to whoever tries to knock it out !

  6. With turret replaced and some paint these will be an impressive sight!

  7. Will eventually be getting some of these myself, so looking forward to seeing how they turn out.