Friday, January 30, 2015

Encounter Cards

Back in May 2014 i received my copy of Colgar6´s Event deck from the US.
It was a realy fine deck of cards and i was inspired to try to make me one for my self.
I contacted Colgar6´s and asked him to send me his powerpoint file so that i could use his master.
But i didn´t manage to resize his master powerpoint file to suite my needs so i did my own master card file.

The one thing i could use was the picture front of his Event cards.
So i change the name to Encounter!

I printed out the cards on my laser printer and used a glue stick to put them together.
After the card have dryed i trimed off the white edges.
I used a laminating machine to make the the cards more durable.
The card to the right is Colgar6´s card, and to the left is my card.
I have not desided the exact ratio on how many zombie vs civilian cards that will be used yet.
But it depends on what day you are in, during the apocalypse.
You might have noticed that there is a card there with the name special encounters....
When you draw that card you will draw a card from a special deck of cards.
In that deck there will be cops, survivors, gangsters,zombie horde and more, depending on what day it is during the zombie apocalypse.
I hope you all like my new Encounter Deck.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. These look very interesting, but some more information on how their use will differ from C6's event cards would be welcomed .

    1. In ATZ you have a table to roll on then you encounter a PEF.
      i will us a encounter deck insted of the table

  2. Very nice! I had an idea to do something like this myself a year or two ago, but never got past the planning stage. In my version each card would have all the details needed to resolve a PEF with a single draw (so numbers encountered and their REPs, skills, weapons &c).

    A small suggestion: if you recolour the cards' back then the encounter cards will be more easily distinguished from other decks such as event cards.