Monday, January 19, 2015

Wreckt Cars


I have had a busy modeling week, and made alot of stuff.
I made the park that i showed you in my last post, two wrecht cars, finsihed 3 gang members and made some trash bins for my new park.... and played a test game of my new and improved zombie apocalypse game.

In this post i will show you my attempts to make two new wreckt cars for my zombie game.

The first car is not wreckt but here is a dead dude in it :)
The next car is totally smashed up.
It think the cars turned out ok.... but what do you think?
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. What do I think? They look very cool, and like so much you post, I am going to have to steal the idea! I especially like the passenger, very nice touch.

    I would be tempted to add another colour or two into the rusted second car, maybe a dark grey or a rust red. It would add some depth to the rust, but that is only really if you feel like it, I reckon they both look good as is.

  2. Fantastic! I really like them both, blood splatters are an easy addition and they really make you think - perfect for zombie apocalypse as I keep founding out there's not enough gore!

    The driver (or is it passenger? :P) is another nice touch, maybe do another one with zombie strapped to a sit reaching out?

  3. Excellent! The blood is very effective!

  4. Wonderful, the first car is particularly chilling!

  5. Great wrecks dude! Love the occupant and the gore and damage looks fantastic.

  6. really nice additions to your table :)

  7. Really nice! The killed driver is a terrific detail :)

  8. Great wrecked scenic additions for any game but the gore point very nicely to the fact it's for a zombie one !

  9. Exellent work ! Look really good !

    BUT as VOLVO are the most secure car in the world, it would never be damaged like that... ;)

    Keep upp the good work ! Looking forward to an Zombie AAR soon...