Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cheap SAGA Dice

Hello again.

Today i will show you how to get cheap SAGA Dice and dont spend a small fortune on it.
I made a order to for 16 blank Dice and the cost for that was 0.2 £ per dice a total of 3.2£.
The cost for the shipping to sweden was 3.7£.
The total cost for the dice and shipping is 6.9£ not to bad....

Lets see the cost for a order from Gripping Beast now...

The cost for 8 dice from GB is 12£ x2 for 16 dice = 24£
The shipping cost to the EU is 20% so 24 x 1.2 = 28.8£ total cost.
Thats 4 times the cost........

As you can see the dice are blank when the arrive but just print this sheet out from here and you will have you dice in no time :)
Then its just to cut them out and glue them on to your new dice.
Here are my 8 finished Viking dice :)
Hope this can be useful for you all...
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Awesome! I have been looking for blank dice so this is great:)

  2. I think that that that is the way to go with SAGA, their dice are so damn expensive (yet another gripe I have about SAGA, like their shiny book of rule).

  3. I did the same a few months ago. It's cheap, it's easy and doing stuff ourself is an essential part of our hobby.

  4. Great idea! Things like dice and measuring tools etc can really add up. The more you can do yourself the better I say!

  5. It's a little more work, but the dice will be just as good. It will be interesting to see whether they repay your effort by rolling high :-) .

  6. I made my Bolt Action dice this way. I love it.

  7. Well done sir, let the dices be on your side!

  8. Nicely done. how well will the last though? I had read about some dice that the patterns can wear off especially just ones with painted on patterns. Are the Gripping Beast ones laser etched?