Monday, March 9, 2015

The beginning of a new SAGA

I now im a few years behind the rest of you when it comes to blog about the SAGA miniatures game, but i will make a try any way ;)
I have made a order from Gripping Beast for the main rules and a 4p starter viking army and i hope i will love the game as much as the rest of you out here who have tryed it out...

I have been reading alot on peoples blogs and the tapestry home pages, and the gripping beast forum to learn how the game work before i get the main rules in my hands.
The one thing i like soo far is that you dont need to paint hundreds of miniatures to able to play the game...
Instead i can focus on the painting of my miniatures.
That all for now......
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of SAGA! Vikings are a great place to start :-)

    1. Thanks Paul! Im looking forward to start painting som viking :)

    2. Make sure you check out Paul's blog, a wealth of Saga info there!

  2. I love the game, though I know that it's a bit "marmite" (love or hate, nothing in between!). It's very satisfying to finish painting your first warband and take to the field of battle - only to be slaughtered mercilessly :-) .

  3. Saga is definetly flavour of the month and the proponents of it certainly enjoy it immensly judging by the aars I've read. It's not for me though.

  4. Cool game and yes, not a lot of figures required!

  5. It also goes well with beer! Good luck!