Friday, May 29, 2015

New Objectives

Back in 2013 i made a fuel depot and a ammo depot, but after playing with them a couple of time i realized that they are to big.
The first picture is how the old objectives look like.
I desided to make two new objectives and mount them on 60mm round lasercut MDF bases.

Here are the pics of the new objectives.
I desided to add some german weapons to the ammo depot.
I think the new objective looks soo much better then the old ones.... hope you like them to.
Best Regards
Hobby worker. 


  1. Great job, weapons are a wonderful addition!

  2. Hats off for going back and reviewing your past projects. I would be worried that I would stuff it up, but these look spot on.

  3. Well, I liked the old ones :-) . But the new objectives look fine too :-) !

  4. Good job mate. Like Hugh I like both new and old.

  5. Ooh, they do look tidy and nicely detailed. I like the addition of the weapons.

  6. Both look superb but like you, I prefer the actual round bases for objectives/markers.