Friday, June 5, 2015

Early War German Command

Today I will show you my early war german command team for bolt action.
I have started to build a early war german army after i found out about the release of the new campagn book: Germany Strikes! was announcement on the warlord games homepage.
This is the first ready unit to my new early war germans and the models are Crusader miniatures.

I have desided not to paint the pants in the early war colors to be able to use them in late war.
The decals on the helmet is german heer from warlord games.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. They look great, nice job!

  2. Nice additions mate they both look really good :)

  3. Nice painting! Are the ammo bags black, or a trick of the light?

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    2. The for all the nice comments!
      And yes the ammo bags are black.

    3. I think they would stand out better in another colour, like brown or khaki or green.

      But great job anyway, so don't mind me if you like them black :-)

  4. Great looking Early-War Germans.