Sunday, February 7, 2016

Imperial Stormtroopers

Its now time to show you some iconic star wars miniatures.... my Imperial Stormtroopers!
As you can see I have not painted the rim of the bases in a different color but insted painted a number on the base soo I dont mix my stormtrooper squads up.

It was a real pain in the ... to paint the stormtrooper!
White White and more White!
Hope you all like them.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Really fantastic painted Stormtroopers!

  2. They look great. Stormtroopers are a real pain to paint! At least for mine I found that I often had to go over the same spot many times with paint to make it look truly white.

  3. They do look cool. Nice look having the segmented armor defined.

  4. Superb work. I agree the stormtroopers are a pain to paint... hate white.

  5. What they said above - these models look great!

  6. I do like them, but all that white arrgh :-)

  7. I love the really clean and neat style you've got here! I know it is painful to paint...