Monday, February 29, 2016


At the moment I´m doing alot of work on my new zombie game Dawn of Z but here are some picures of my nexus I painted.

I hope you like my nexus....
More news on Dawn of Z in my next post.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. He's a great model HW, lovely paint job too!

  2. Cute, beautiful...and a little bit dangerous, I think...

  3. Love 'em! Those stripes are great -- and I really like the intense colours you've developed. Your Nexus look particularly crazy and nasty.

  4. Very cool! Love the striping as well as the eyes. Nice work again.

  5. Great painted mini!!! I love skin & eyes~!

  6. This piece is great. I recognise it from a film but can't place it right now. If I can be cheeky I have started my own blog and posted my first BATREP. I have posted a link to it below and would love to know your thoughts.

  7. His bite looks worse than his bark. Really nice painting.


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