Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dawn of Z Introduction game

Hello again.

This time I will show you all a short test game of my new zombies game, to show you all how some of the rules work!

Lets begin...

This is Bob and he is a survivor
Bob notice the two zombies coming down the main street and desided to attack!
Bob rolls for initiative and roll a 4 and the zombies rolls a 3, Bob now adds hit Reaction score to the 4 he just rolled.
Bob has 2 in Reaction so a total of 6 initiative for him. 
Bob now has two Actions to use...
He uses his first Action to move around the corner of the building.
With is last Action he fire his Pistol! Its a Hit...
Bobs pistol has two damage dice and a range of 12"
Bob gives the zombie to the right a total of 4 damage almost killing the zombie!
Zombies got 5 Health!
Now its the zombies turn to use there two Actions....
The zombies move up with there first Action and with there last action they attack...
Zombies only have 1 attack Dice but I forgot and rolled 2 Dice....
The zombie hits Bob.
The zombie attack does 1 damage dice.
The zombie does 1 damage but Bob rolls his defence Dice and blocks 1 damage = no damage to bob.
Now the last zombie attacks and again i forgot to only roll 1 attack Dice :(
But the zombie hits Bob.
This time Bob does not block any damage and gets 2 wounds of this total of 7.
Now we have to see if Bob is infected by the zombie virus but he is lucky this time :)
A new turn begins and all roll of initiative and Bob wins again with a total score of 7 to 3
Bobs Reaction adds 2
Zombies dont have Reaction for they are to slow...
As Bob is now in close combat he has to use a close combat weapon to fight.
Bob attacks with his combat knife and hits one zombie.
Lucky for Bob he scores a critical hit!
The knife does Bleed damage on a critical hit, but zombies cant bleed to death soo he kills the zombie outright!
One zombie goes down....
With his last action he attacks the last zombie and hits again..
Bob rolls a 2 on the damage Dice and the gets a total of 6 damage and the zombie is now dead...
It was a good fight for Bob and he can now move away and use first aid to patch him self up...
Hope you all got some useful info from this small tutorial...
Best regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Like that style of writing. It gives me an idea for a side line project. Thanks for posting.

  2. Nice ideas Andre! Would love to see more dude.

  3. Interesting. Look forward to hearing more!

  4. Nice terrain and figures; your step-by-step visuals on the rules are excellent.

  5. Very intersting and an very good way to understand the rules though some idea of what score a figure would also be very helful undertanding the mechanics. needs

  6. Looks interesting. I like your bespoke dice too. Looking forward to hearing more

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