Thursday, May 26, 2016

A New Friend Day 8.

Four more day goes by as Mike and Jeff watch out the window and see more and more people are leaving the city.
But as the days go by the food supplies are running low and they are force out once more to search for more food.

Mike and Jeff arrive in the lower east side and decides to start there search in the big building to there left.
But as they enter the building they spot a man dressed in military uniform, "Stop where you are!" Says the man and Points his pistol at Mike and Jeff.
"Please lower your gun, we are not going to hurt you" Says Mike.
"What are you two doing here" Asks the man.
"Dont worry, me and my friend are only looking for some supplies" Says Jeff.
The uniformed man lower his gun...
"And who the hell are you!" Says Mike.
"I´m Sergant Jack Vasquez and I´m a military medic" Says the man.
"What are you doing here then all alone" Says Jeff.
"I was assigned to a special military unit that was assigned to evacuate key personel from this city, but as we where about to evacuate my unit was overrun by the large group of  undead and my unit was wiped out" Says Jack.
"Holy shit... dont can come with us if you want, and maybe you can find you way back to your company " Says Mike.
"Ok thanks!" Says Jack.
Mike searches and finds a tool kit.
Jeff decides to go outside and spots a group of zombies in the park.
A group of civilians are running for there lives from a large group of zombies.
The civilians are lucky for a police unit arrives.
Jeff can see a small group of rioters far down the main street.
The group starts to move closer to the police unit.
The group of civilians run past the police car and screams! "Help!"
The group move into the construction yard and the police make themself ready.
The police starts shooting and kills three zombies.
An unlucky group of civilians move out from the alley.
The police starts to shoot at the large group of zombies, but the police with the shoot gun runs out of ammo.
At the same time more zombies are drawn by the sound of the gun fire.
"Shit its more of them!" Says Jack.
The group moves back and gets ready for a fight.
At the same time the cops continues to shoot at the large zombie group
The group of rioters are trying to break in to the store, but all the gun fire from the cops attracts more zombies.
The cops have now shoot down the last of the zombies.
The zombies now charge Jeff and try to to eat him but they miss.
The rioters starts running towards the cops (Fail Courage Roll) as the zombies give chase.
The cops move to help the rioters and they kill one zombie.
The fight in the construction yard continues, but Jack gets hit for 2 damage, but he is not infected.
All the gun fire draws more zombies to the area.
One zombie gets killed by Jeff but the zombie next to him knocks Jeff down, and Jack gets hit again for 2 more damage.
The cops kills the last zombie that was following the rioters
In the construction yard things are starting to look bad for the group.
Mike manage to shoot and kill one of the zombies that was trying to eat Jeff and the now severly wounded Jack manage to kill the last zombie. "That was close thanks guys!" Say Jeff
The cops are now back at the police car but now they are charged by a alone zombie.
A dog come running with a large group of zombies following him ( Random Event )
The zombies now move strait for the cops...
Jeff is now back on his feet and have now moved to the store the rioters was trying to break in to.
Inside he spots two scared civilians "Please dont hurt us!" Says one of them.
"Dont worry I´m only looking for supplies" Says Jeff
Things are starting to look bad for the cops as one of them gets knocked down, and the cops decides to call for back up.
As Jeff talks to the civilians, Mike searches the room and finds a chain saw, "Look what I just found, I can do some serious damage with this!" Says Mike.
The cop gets back up but is now severly wounded, as more zombies come closer.
The group decides to split up to search the area quicker.
The severly wounded cops gets killed.
Jeff searches through container and founds boxes of ammo.
The poor cops are now soon surrounded by the zombies.
The group continues to search the area for supplies.
More zombies arrive...
Jack and Mike move inside the warehouse.
But Mike decides to go out and search the crates on the loading bay, he finds some cans of gas.
The zombies finaly manage to swarm and kill the last two cops.
Jack goes inside of one more house and finds more scared civilians.
Inside the warehouse Jack finds a baseball bat.
At last the back up arrives, but they are too late to save the poor cops.
The civilians are too scared to do anything, and Jeff decides to go upstairs to search.
Jeff finds a large cal. pistol.
The zombies now spot the swat van and starts moving towards it.
The swat team quickly stops the van and get out.
The zombies attack..
But many of the zombies gets killed quickly.
The group now decides its time to leave, and they start to move back to Mikes appartment.
The swat team quickly kills all the zombies.
The first cop to die now turns into a zombie..
The group is now far from the action and Jack is the last one to head to safety.
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  1. Great report!
    I'm still delighted by the diecast cars you're using.

  2. Love these batreps...things seem to escalate so quickly! Lovely table!

  3. What a great report! There was a real cinematic feel to it as the police tried to hold back the tide of zombies only to be finally overwhelmed.

  4. Fantastic report! Really enjoyed this.

  5. Really good batrep, your group is surviving at least :-)

  6. Nice batrep! I knew the cops wouldn't make it!

  7. Excellent looking figs and terrain. Very cleanly laid out.

  8. Civilians thought they were lucky...but Police is beaten this time, ouch...Great batrep, intense and bloody!

  9. A very exciting fight with the zombies; I feel bad for the poor coppers though.