Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hungry Day 4.

For three days now the group has been laying low in Mike Castellanos apartment, but now after three days all the food is gone and Mike is really hungry!
" we need to go out and find us some more food! There is a small groceries store not far from here, lets go there and see if it still got some food!" Say Mike. The rest of the group agrees.

The group arrives only a few hundred meters from the groceries store.
Brians say" Lets check out this warehouse first!"
The group agrees and starts to move to the warehouse.
A police car is patrolling the streets.
But suddenly five zombies appear from behind the crates on the loading bay
Brian screams" Holy shit its five of them!"
But the group wins the initive and shoots down three of them quickly.
The cops hear gun fire and races quickly to the spot.
More zombies appear ( random encounter )
The cops get to the spot where they heard all of the gun fire.
Jeff shoots and kills the last zombie and starts to move onto the loading bay.
A group curious of civilians appear.
"Do you need any help" say the cop
"No... the zombies no longer a threat" Say Brian.
But when Brian comes up on the loading bay he discover three more zombies behind the truck.
Suddenly three more zombies appear in the construction yard drawn by all the gun fire.
The group moves up on the loading bay and start to search the crates
"Please help us there are zombies behind us!" Screams the civilians as they run to the cops.
The zombies move closer to the cops
A cop spots one zombie coming around the truck.
The cops puts a well placed shoot to the zombies head killing it.
The door to the warehouse is looked but Mike picks the lock quickly.
"Help they are just behind us!" Screams the civilians!
Brian moves quickly into the warehouse and starts to search the crates.
The cop shoot once more but this time the zombie does not die( only 3 damage )
The next cops shoots but fails to kill the zombie ( 4 damage )
The first cops is now in hand to hand combat with the zombies.
As the cops struggle for there lives Mike searches the crates on the loading docks and finds a combat knife.
The 2nd cops manage to shoot and kill one of the zombies
The first cop manage to kill one of the zombies with his night stick.
The 2nd cop gets hit and starts to bleed ( Critical hit )
All of the group is now inside the warehouse and Jeff manage to find a old goalie mask in one of the crates.
Brian quikly moves to the back door
Bad day for the cops... more zombies arrive!
The first cops gets hit ( 2 damage )
Brian moves out from the warehouse and spots two random encounters in the middle of the street.
Both of the encounters turn out to be more zombies.
The zombies spot Brian and starts to move closer.
The 2nd cop dies from blood loss from his wounds
And the first cop is torn to pieces by the zombies
But only after a few secounds, the eyes of the dead cop opens...
And he turns into one more zombie.
Brian shoots one of the zombies but does not kill it, Jeff move out from the warehouse to support him.
Mike to move out from the warehouse and starts to shoot at the approaching zombies.
The zombies throw themself on both Brian and Jeff and manage to hit and wound both of them
The zombies that killed the cops now move on as they hear the gun fire.
Mike shoots down one of the zombies
Jeff kills on zombies with his knife  "We can do this!" Screams Jeff as he pulls the knife out from the zombies head.
But the gun fire from Miks gun attracts more zombies from the construction yard
As soon as Mike sees the big group of zombies coming around the corner of the warehouse he screams! "You better get the hell out of there if you want to live!"
The group turns and run away from the zombies but as Brian turns and run, he gets a piece of flesh torn off from his leg. ( Severely Wounded )
Brian is exhausted and tries to outrun the zombies but with is wounded leg he can only limp... and the zombies catches up
"Sorry man I have to go" Say Jeff  "No dont leave me...!" Screams Brian
Jeff turns and run, as the zombies surrounds poor Brian.
Brian scream in agony as the zombies tear his flesh from is body
Mike take cover behind a house as a large group of zombies move to eat from Brians corpse.
The zombies feast on Brians corpse.
Mike run to the back door of the groceries store and starts to pick the lock
Mike moves inside and discover there is still food left in the store
Mike loots the store for all the food that he can get.
At the same time Brian rises from the ground and is now a zombie
Mike leaves the groceries store and him and Jeff meet up and starts to move as far away from the zombies
"Holy shit that was brutal!" say Jeff 
  "The boy took a big risk and moved to close to the zombies!" Say Mike
"You are lucky you got out in one piece Jeff, you have to be smarter if you want to stay alive!" Say Mike.
With all the running from the zombies Jeff is now tired
"Lets search this building to!" Say Mike
Mike and Jeff move quickly inside
Jeff search and finds a sledge hammer
But outside a small group of zombies approach
The last cop now turns into a zombie
After resting a few minutes inside the house the group runs out and over the street
"Lets search this place to!" Say Mike
The group moves inside and Jeff searches the place and finds a riot shield
The group move quickly outside, but has a small group of zombies following them
Jeff and Mike runs to the next house but Jeff gets tired again
Inside of the house Jeff finds a riot armour
With there bags full of food and stuff both Mike and Jeff head back to Mikes apartment..
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  1. This looks great HW, nice report. Poor Brian, abandoned to his fate.

  2. Replies
    1. No... Its a set of game rules I made my self ☺

  3. Great looking game! City terrain is awesome!

  4. Cracking report!
    I like this Sheriff car. What company is it from?

  5. Not too shabby at all, I like your AAR dude great stuff

  6. Good looking setup. I like the papers around to give a bit of lived in feel. The batrep was exciting to read through as well. Great stuff!

  7. Great AAR! Poor Cops they always get eaten!

  8. Wow, streets in France are more secure! Fantastic report, very atmospheric!

  9. Brutal and exciting bat-rep, but who would be a cop in the apocalypse ?
    Your set-upbtw looks excellent and I'm very jealous of your cop car.