Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Painted Libyan Heavy Infantry

I have now assembled and painted some of my Libyan heavy infantry.
The models are from the box of Mercenary armoured hoplites from Victrix, and the shield transfers i orderd from crusader miniature.
The only problem with the transfers is that they are made to fit the shield of the Carthaginian models from crusader miniatures not the Victrix ones, soo they are a bit small...

As you can see the shield look ok from this range...
But here you can see that they are to small :(
Hope you like the first of my Libyan infantry.
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Excellent paint job and beautiful shield transfers...

  2. I think they look great and the transfers don't look out of place imo.

    1. Thanks Zabadak... im glad that you dont think the shields looks to bad :)

  3. Wonderfully painted figures and superb sheils.

  4. The shields look great! Fantastic looking figures too!

  5. Very neat miniatures. Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Very nice miniatures. I especially like the bronze you got going there. The shields looks good so you don´t have to worry about that at all. Keep painting more instead :)

  7. Love me some Carthaginians. Your figures look great. The shield decals really set them apart from most.