Friday, March 21, 2014

More Stuff

Got some more stuff in the mail a few days ago, and now after i have assembled and painted 48 of my libyan heavy infantry its time to get the new stuff out.
It can get very boring just to paint the same models over and over soo a need a break from my libyans.

I ordered a Celtic cavalry unit, and a Numidian cavalry unit, and a blister of Balearic slingers
I think i start with the Balearic slingers....
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. More stuff is always nice! :P

    I'm looking forward to see the slingers.

  2. I agree, breaks are good. In my mail some FIW minis from North Star and Galloping Majors just arrived. Gonna post up some initial thoughts soon.

  3. I love slingers for some reason. I think its the naughty kid in me that always want to lob stuff that attracts me to them.

    Shall look forward to seeing them painted up!

  4. Numidians or slingers... Hmm I want to see all of them.