Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hail-Caesar Test Game: Rome vs Carthage


During the end of last week me and my mate Tim play a test  game of Hail-Caesar.
Tim played the Romans and i play the Carthaginians.
As you may see we only have small unit on the game table...  didnt have time to paint up any more.

Tim got the first move, but his Romans didnt get to the top of the hill.
The Romans finally got to the top of the hill but then they got charged by the Carthaginian heavy infantry.
The Romans take up defensive position close to the hill....  the Celts allied to carthage advance.
One Celtic unit moves around the forest and flanks the Romans.
One of the Libyan heavy infantry units pushes one of the Roman hastati units back down the hill.
 The Libyan heavy infantry on the hill is destroyed but the Roman hastati unit.
Ontop of the hill both the Carthaginians and the Roman units left disengage due to heavy losses on both sides.
But the Celtiberian Celts manage to rout the Roman unit left defending the side of the hill.
In the end a small but Pyrric Victory for Carthage.
It was fun to have a test game so soon after starting my new Project to building a Carthaginian army to Hail-Caesar.
Both me and Tim had a great time... so i hope that we can have a game soon.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun game and a win to boot !
    Small games like this can be a lot of fun as you learn the rules and the armies still look good.

    1. Thanks Zabadak.
      Small games are a lot of fun and HC is a great rule system for that.

  2. Looking good !

    Glad you didn´t put the unpainted minis on the table...better to do as you did and keep it small and good looking, much appreciated !

    HC indeed work fine and give good games in smallter battles to, the amount of unit you used arn´t that much less what I use for my HC games (3 battles with 3-4 units each), just beefing up the units with a second rank for some of them, like the celts.

    Looking forward to see more of your project !

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael.
      Im soon done with my secound libyan inf unit so im soon able to play bigger games ;)

  3. Nice report and great looking table and miniatures. Sounds like you have been well and truly bitten by the bug. Shall certainly look forward to seeing some big games make an appearance :)

    1. Thanks Simon.
      Yes im totally into this now....
      And you there will be large game in the future ;)
      Maybe a campaign...

  4. Great report! Love the photos too! I haven't played HC yet but I am keen to give it a go!

  5. Thanks Roger.
    HC is a great and easy game...quick to play to :)

  6. A very nice report, love these beautiful figures...Long live to Carthage!

  7. Nice game. I've never seen a Roman army when a game of Hail Caesar or WAB. I've even managed to beat one.