Monday, April 13, 2015

Clash of Warlords Anglo-Danish vs Vikings 4p

Last week me and Peter got to play a game of SAGA and here are the batrep.

We desided to play the first scenario in the rule book Clash of Warlords.
The first to kill the enemy warlord wins the game.

The Anglo-Danish is on the left side and the Vikings on the right.
The Anglo-Danish Force, 8 Hearthguards with dane axes, 2 units of 8 warriors and the warlord.
The Viking Force, 4 Berserkers, 12 Warriors, 4 Hearthguards, 4 Warriors+Warlord.




The Anglo-Dansih got the first turn and used the ability "Trapped" on the vikings, 3 fatigue are placed out.
The Anglo-Dansh advance slowly across the field.
The Vikings army advance and uses the ability "Njord" to remove 3 fatigues that the Anglo-Danish gave them. 


The Anglo-Danish uses the ability "Trapped again more fatigues to the Vikings.
The Vikings advance closer.


The Anglo-Danish uses the ability "Trapped" again on the Vikings.
But the Vikings use "Njord" to remove some of the Fatigues.


The Anglo-Danish uses the ability "Trapped" again and charges the Viking 4 men hearthguards unit
4 of the Anglo-Danish hearthguards die, but the Viking 4 men hearthguard unit is wipedout.
The Anglo-Danish warrior unit advance closer the the Viking berserkers.
The Viking Berserkers charge the 8 men warrior unit.
But only mange to kill 4 warriors.
The 12 men Viking warrior unit charges the 4 Anglo-Danish hearthguard unit.
The hearthguard unit is wipedout for the loss of 4 warriors.


The 8 men Anglo-Danish warrior unit and the Warlord, charges the 8 men Viking warrior unit.
But loses the combat and is forced back.
The Anglo-Danish move his forces closer.
The Viking Warlord and 4 warriors charge the 4 men strong Anglo-Danish warrior unit.
All of the Anglo-Danish warriors are killed but none on the Vikings side die.


The Anglo-Dansih warlord and 4 warriors charges the 3 Viking warriors.
2 of the Anglo-Danish warriors die but all 3 of the Vikings die.
The Viking warlord takes his 4 last warriors and makes a final charge against the Anglo-Danish warlord and in the carnage manage to slay the Anglo-Danish warlord.

End Game.

In the last move of the game the Viking warlord mange to slay the enemy warlord and a victory for the Vikings.
Bout me and Peter has a great time playing this game but we forgot the rule about when a unit is destroyed close to a friendly unit, that unit will get a fatigue counter.
Hope you all like this batrep and comments are welcome.
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  1. Sounds like a typically brutal and bloody game of dark age SAGA! The Vikings did well to bounce back from some early set backs. The large units of Warriors can achieve a lot in my experience. Vikings are at their best when attacking other units, but it seems the Anglo-Danes have a few tricks up their sleeves too! Glad you enjoyed it, looking forward to more reports :-)

  2. What a bloody end! Nice batrep with nice pictures, love your Berserkers!

  3. Wow, not many people left alive at the end of that battle!

  4. Close fought battles are the best! Great figs!

  5. Nice looking game! Saga tends to be fairly bloody...I find with Vikings berserkers aren't usually worth bothering with.

  6. Great looking game and figures; I have to admit that I've not played Saga much - but I do have the Crescent & the Cross rule book.

  7. Thanks for the report! Looks like fun:)

  8. Greate AAR ! Nice to see your Vikings up on the table and also win:9

  9. looked a really fun game! I have saga but have never managed to get a game of it. looking forward to more battle reports!