Friday, April 17, 2015

More Viking Hirdmen

Before I start to post pictures of my new normans, I have to show you my last finished viking hirdmen.
The last 4 of them i finished today before going to work...... hope you like them :)

My viking army is now 5p strong.
I have one warlord, 4 berserkers, 8 hearthguards, and 16 warriors painted.
But i have still 8 more warriors to paint...
Best Regards
Hobby worker.


  1. Great painting on these and the mud effects on the legs and shields finish them off nicely.

  2. you are certainly cracking on with this project! You must be enjoying saga very much :) Nice figures and a nice looking army. Looking forward to more batreps with them...

  3. They look good (tough and dirty). Where are the minis from?

  4. Excellent work on the Hirdmen, they look just the business for your hearth guard.

  5. Very nice! You've not wasted any time getting these guys on the table top!

  6. Great job sir! Get cracking with the final 8!

  7. Mighty fine warband and terrain too!