Monday, August 15, 2016

Dawn of Z Campagn Day 11 Part 2

The zombies are still eating on jacks body as a new person dressed in prison clothes appears under the water tower.

The alone figure moves to the crates under the water tower and finds a hand grenade!
Mike desides its time to get the hell out of the killing zone, and starts to run closer to the military outpost!
Jeff manage to kill one zombie with his katana!
Back at the military outpost the soldiers are looked in close combat with the zombies!
One zombie manage to bite one of the Soldiers and he is now infected!
Mike continues to move closer to the military outpost and screams to Jeff  "Lets fall back and help the military" and Jeff desides its time to fall back !
Poor Jack turn into a zombie and the group of zombies start to move closer to the outpost!
The military is trying hard to stay alive!
The zombies move closer...
 The man in prison clothes moves up and throws his hand grenade
The hand grenade land infront of the big group of zombies killing many! BOOM!!!
One of the soldiers takes possession of the 50cal machine gun and start shooting zombies infront of him!
Both Mike and Jeff are lucky that they are to far from the blast of the grenade!
More zombies are  approaching the outpost!
Jeff moves back and shoots and kills one zombie, trying to help the soldiers!
The wounded and infected soldier die from the infection!
The horde of zombies forces the military to move back and both Mike and Jeff make them self ready to defend the outpost!
The zombie horde moves slowly forward!
But the concentrated fire from the group and the military kills many of the zombies!
Finaly the last zombies is shoot and the outpost is safe for now!
During the time the zombie horde attacked the outpost the prisoner has manage to search the rental car store!
Jeff say to Mike"Lets hurry and find us a car soo we can leave this forsaken place!"
One soldier move up to the dead soldier body and shoots him in the head!
"Sorry friend but I cant see you turning into a zombie"
The zombies that followed the prisoner is now at the door of the car rental store trying to get in!
A new group of zombies move closer to the outpost!
Both Mike and Jeff starts to run to the rental car store but Jeff gets tired!
Mike say to Jeff "I go and find us a car and you can search the construction yard for stuff!"
More zombies are approaching the outpost!
Mike continues to run and is now in the rental car parking lot!
Jeff moves into the construction yard and spots a couple of crates!
Mike opens the door to the car and starts to hotwire it!
"wroom! the car starts!"
Jeff finds some fuel and a hammer.
The prisoner say" Is it you Mike!?"
Mike turns around and say! "Are you not supposed to be in prison Robert!"
Robert say!  "Yes! But I manage to escape during a prison transport last week!"
Mike say! " Come here and jump into my car then, if you want to stay alive!"
Robert say! " I got the car keys to this car so I just follow your car out of town!"
The soldiers manage to kill 4 more zombies!
Mike drives out of the rental car parking lot
Mike stops the car infront of the construction yard to let Jeff into the car!
Mike say " Hurry up! Lets get the hell out of town quickly!"
Robert follows Mikes car!
The group of zombies that followed Robert into the rental car store hear the sound from the cars and they move out from the store!
The group drives past the outpost and out of town!
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Thursday, August 4, 2016


I have had alot to do this summer but I have manage to build two strips of  highway to my zombie campagn.
 And later in the campagn if the survivors manage to stay alive I have planned that they will leave the city to seek shelter in the countryside.

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Hobby worker.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dawn of Z Campagn Day 11 Part 1 Quarantine

Three more days go by, and Mike and the rest of the group desides that its time to get the hell out of town. 
More and more zombies are now walking the streets and the US military have started to set up check Points around the city inorder to try to stop the zombies from spreading.
The group desides that they need to get there hands on some camping gear and steal a car and get the hell out of town quickly.

The group arrive close to the army surplus store.
Both Jeff and Jack runs to a house but Jeff gets tired.
Mike spots three gansters in the alley
A large group of zombies come around the corners of the outdoors shop.
A group of armoured zombies comes from the constrution yard.
The US military unit spots the large group of zombies and starts to shoot at them, killing 6 of them.
The group of gangsters move out from the alley and tryes to rob Jack.
At the same time the group of armoured zombies moves closer to Mike.
But the US military unit spots them and kills them quickly.
Jack attacks the gangsters with his baseball bat and quickly kills one of them, the rest of them run! ( Fail Courage roll )
Jeff is inside the house and he finds a katana sword.
Mike enters the house on the other side of the street, but inside he encounter three angry civilians.
More zombies arrive for all the gun fire the US military have done.
Jack enters the building but the civilians attack!
Mike starts his chain saw and quickly kills one civilian but the chain saw stops and its out of gas.
Jack hits one civilian with is baseball bat!
Mike and Jack quickly kills the last civilian.
Jeff have now rested and is no longer tried, but when he walks outside of the house he is attack by two zombie!
Two civilians spots the two zombies attacking Jeff, they turn back and run!
Mike moves up to the 2nd floor and finds a medkit
Jack moves out but is attacked by two zombies
Jeff manage to kill one zombie
More zombies appear.
And more zombies arrive
Jack is hit by one zombie and gets infected.... ( Jacks player spends one fate point )
Mike move out to help jack fight the zombies!
Jack is now severly wounded and desides to get the hell out of there!
More zombies enter the construction yard
Mike deside its time to run and moves fast to the other side of the street
Jeff is knocked down by a zombie but is riot armour save him from harm.
Jeff gets back on his feet and run to Mike.
The military spots more zombies and kills many of them!
Mike moves inside the army surplus store, Mike picks up a tent and some camping gear.
More zombies appear in the streets infront of the military.
The military start to fire at the zombies!
Jack has now moved into the construction yard.
A house starts to burn and a large group of zombies appear ( random event ) 
The large group of zombies shambles down the street but Jeff manage to kill a few of them.
Jeff try to run away from the large group of zombies but he is tired now!
Both Mike and Jack is now in the construktion yard.
A small group of zombies spots Mike and moves closer to him!
Jack is almost at the car rental store when more zombies block his path
Both Mike and Jack try to keep there distance from the zombies.
Jeff enters a building but the building is full of zombies!
The zombies move closer, and Mike try to cover the severly and tired Jeff´s retreat!
Jeff runs out from the house!
Things are starting to look bad for the group, alot of zombies converge on them!
A group of zombies has managed to get close to the miliary and attacks them!
Poor Jack is knocked to the ground and several zombies tear him appart!
One of the military men runs out of ammo and moves to get more ammo!
One more Soldier runs out of ammo!
The zombies feast on Jacks body as Mike moves to a safe distance!
Jeff fights two zombies in close combat!
End of Part 1
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Hobby worker.